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vietnam war


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Hawks and Doves
Hawks are people who supported the war's goal. and Doves were people who opposed the war.
general westmoreland
the commander of U.S forces in vietnam, described the offensive as a Vietcong defeat.
guerilla war
ppl atakking and running away; sabatage
kent state shooting
incident in which National Guard troops fired at a group of students during an antiwar protest at kent state university in ohio, killing 4 people.
henry kissinger
The main negotiator of the peace treaty with the North Vietnamese; secretary of state during Nixon's presidency (1970s).
students for democratic
students group that actively protested the vietnam war.
war power act
congress constitutional power to declare war set a 60 day limit on the presidents authority to commit u.s. troops to serve in a foreign conflict.
credibility gap
as the gap between official government reports and media accounts grew wide.
national liberation fronnt; communist guerrilla force that began fighting against Ngo Dihn Diems government in south vietnam in the 1950s.
Dien Bien Phu
diem's was waging a brutal campaign to control the buddhists.
an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization
gulf on tonkin resolution
gave the president the authority to take all neccesary measures to repel any armed attack against forces of the United States.
tet offensive
attack by north vietnamese and vietcong troops against south vietnam during the vietnam war; came during tet, the vietnamese new year, demostrated that the north vietnamese were still military strong.
President Richard Nixons strategy for ending U.S involvement in the vietnam war, involving a gradual withdrawl of American troops and replacement of them with South Vietnamese forces
league for the independence of vietnam, group os vietnamese nationalist organized in the 1940s by Ho Chi Minh to drive the japanese out of vietnam.
Domino theory
cold war era belief that if one nation in Southesat Asia fell to communism, the rest of Southeast Asia would also fall.
agent orange
is believing to have contaminated many americans and vietnamese causing serious health problems
Ho chi minh trail
network of jungle paths from North Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia and into South Vietnam served as the major supply route of the Vietcong.
pentagon papers
secret governments documents published in 1971, revealed that the us government had misled Americans about the Vietnam war.
ho chi minh
commited to the ideals of communism.
Ngo Dinh Diem
Vietnamese leader gained controll of S. Vietnam- refused to hold elections to keep from communism

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