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Comp Review 1 - PE/SOAP/Vax


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The blue sheet in AU record is for what?
Invasive procedures
The white sheet in a AU pt record is called what?
Face sheet
What test/vax are given to all feline AU pts?
FeLeuk test, FVRCP vax, 2 fecals, rabies vax
What test/vax are given to all canine AU pts?
Heartworm test (occult & filter) then start prev, DA2PPC vax, bordatella vax, rabies, 2 fecals
What does SOAP stand for?
Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan
What things are noted in the O section of the SOAP?
full PE, test results (highlight), eating, drinking, waste output
What things are noted in the A section of a SOAP?
presumptive dx, things like "improving"
What things are noted in the P section of a SOAP?
What needs to be done and when.
What are some general guidelines for completing a PE?
by exam sheet order or head to toe, clear, specific, correct spelling, no unprofessional language, can't be too thorough
What are the "categories" of the animal that are looked at on a PE?
general condition, integument/skin,eyes, ears, nose, mouth & throat, lung sounds, heart, abdomen, genitals, rectum, extremities, neck & back, neurologic, lymph nodes, tpr/crt/mm
What is noted in the General Condition section of the PE?
Condition score between 1-9 according to chart, hopefully between 4-6, temperament, nutritional state, alertness, anything that doesn't look normal
What are some things noted in the Integument/Skin section of the PE?
dull, matted, oily, alopecia, dandruff, external parasites, lesions, - describe condition in detail and note location
What might be some things to note about the eyes on a PE?
discharge (describe), cloudiness, abrasions, ulcers, scars, ectropion/entropion, conjunctiva condition, pupils
What might be some things to note about the ears on a PE?
odors, discharge, redness, debris, pinnae damage
What might be some things to note about the nose on a PE?
discharge, general appearance, scarring
What are some things that might be noted in the Mouth & Throat section of the PE?
teeth condition, gums, bite pattern, gingivitis, CRT, MM, ulcerations, palpate trachea to induce coughing
Are lung sounds done before or after the heart sounds? why?
Before - lung sounds are softer and harder to hear after the comparatively loud heart sounds
Where do you listen for lung sounds? What are you listening for?
Listen in different areas on both sides. Listen for wheezing, crackling, coughing, fluid sounds
What things are you listening for when listening to the heart?
rate, rhythym, murmmur, arrythmia
What are you feeling for when palpating the abdomen on a PE?
masses, pain, abnormalities, umbilical hernias, mammary glands
What are some things that maybe noted about the genitals on a PE?
swelling, dicharge, testicles (cryptorchid)
What are some things that may be noted about the rectum on a PE?
discharge, redness, worms, anal glands
What are some things that may be noted about the extremeties on a PE?
toes, pads, nails, gait, mobility, pain
What are some things that are done/noted about the neck and back on PE?
palpate along each vertebrae, any pain, move head and neck to check for limited movement
What things are checked during the neurologic portion of a PE?
righting reflex, conscious propreception (flip paw), sight, hearing
Name the 5 sets of lymph nodes
mandibular, politeal, prescapular, inguinal, axillary
Which two sets of lymph nodes are normally palpable?
mandibular and politeal
Where are the mandibular lymph nodes located?
under lower jaw
Where are the politeal lymph nodes located?
caudal thigh behind stifle
What three sets of lymph nodes are not normally palpable?
prescapular, axillary, inguinal
Where are the prescpular lymph nodes located?
In front of the shoulder
Where are the axillary lymph nodes located?
in the armpit area
Where are the inguinal lymph nodes located?
medial thigh
What should be noted about the palpable lymph nodes on a PE?
size - measure
What is a normal feline and canine temp?
100.5 - 102.5
What is a normal feline pulse?
What is a normal canine pulse?
What is a normal puppy pulse?
What is a normal canine toy breed pulse?
What is a normal respiration rate for cats and dogs?
10-30 rpm
What are "baby" teeth called?
Deciduous teeth
When do deciduous teeth errupt in puppies?
4-6 weeks
When do deciduous teeth errupt in kittens?
3-6 weeks
When do permanent teeth errupt in dogs?
4-7 months
When do permanent teeth errupt in cats?
3-5 months
What is a normal CRT?
2 seconds or less
Where is a pulse taken on a cat or dog?
femoral artery - high on inside thigh
What is a sinus arrythmia?
heart rate slows on ehalation of breath and speeds up on inspiration - normal in dogs
What are rales?
Abnormal lung sounds - dry/crackling, moist/bubbling
What are two types of cough?
Productive (bringing up material), non-productive
What is an acute infection of the mammary glands called?
In POMR record keeping, what does POMR stand for?
Problem Oriented Medical Record
In records, what do CC and PH stand for?
Chief Complaint and Past History
Why don't you vax a sick animal?
The vax isn't as effective, and you could make the animal more sick
What is the canine vax DA2PPC for?
Distemper, Adenovirus 2 (hepatitis), parainfluenza, parvovirus, coronavirus
What is the feline vax FVRCP for?
Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, panleukopenia
What should be noted in the pt record when a vax is given?
date, site, route, paste label in record or note maufacturer, type of vax, and serial # - DVM must initital chart
What is the standard dose for all vax?
1 ml
By what route and where is the DA2PPC vax given? Protocol?
SQ in left scruff, booster 3 wks after initial vax, then yearly
By what route is the bordetella/P12 vax given? Protocol?
IN, booster in 6 months
By what route and where is rabies vax given in dogs? Protocol?
SQ right scruff, boostered annually (perhaps longer dep on vax given)
What else must be done after administering a rabies vax?
Complete rabies certificate
By what route and where is FVRCP vax given? Protocol?
SQ right shoulder, booster in three weeks, then annually
By what route and where is FeLeuk vax given? Do we give this vax at Argosy?
SQ left distal hind leg *only* if FeLeuk test is negative - don't give at Argosy as indoor cats do not need
By what route and where is rabies vax given in cats?
SQ right distal hind leg
What is a dz concern with giving vax in cats?
Vaccine Induced Fibrosarcoma
Why are vax given low on leg of cats?
In case fibrosarcoma develops - leg can be amputated

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