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밀 류 2, 환경:A caring and involved community is the proper ~ for raising a family.
미 너 스뀰 1, 쥐꼬리만한:Hank's salary was ~, but the benefits were pretty good: he got to sit next to the refrigerator and eat all day long.:Minute is the synonym for ~. The small details of something are the minutiae(미 누 쉬 이 2)
미 썬 뜨롸 픽 3, 염세적인((厭世)[명사][하다형 자동사] 세상을 괴롭고 비관적인 것으로 생각하고 싫어함):A ~ person doesn't make distinctions; he or she hates everyone. The opposite of a misanthrope(미 썬 뜨로웊 1) is a philanthropist
미 터 게잍 1, to moderate the effect of something:The sense of imminent disaster was ~ed by the guide's calm behavior and easy smile.:The effects of the disease were ~ed by the experimental drug treatment:Nothing Joel said could ~ the enormity of forgetting his mother-in-law's birthday.:Unmitigated means absolute, unmoderated, not made less intense or severe.
말 러 파이 1, 달래다:Lucy ~ied the angry police officer by kissing his hand.:진정시키다:My father was not ~ied by my promise never to crash his car into a brick wall again.
마 널 리 띡 3, massive, solid, uniform, and unyielding:A huge corporation is often said to be ~, esp. if it is enormous and powerful and all its parts are dedicated to the same purpose.:If the opposition to a plan were said to be monolithic, it would probably consist of a very large group of people who all felt the same way.
모 뤄 번드 1, 다죽어가는:The steel industry in this country was ~ a few years ago, but now it seems to be reviving somewhat.:A dying creature could be said to be ~, too, althouogh this word is usually used in connection with things that die only figuratively.
머 로우즈 2, 뚱한:Louise was always so ~ about everything that she was never any fun to be with.
몰 터 파이 1, 쪽팔리게하다:I was ~ied when my father asked my girlfriend whether she thought I was a dumb, pathetic wimp.:We had a ~ing experience at the opera; when Stanley sneezed, the entire orchestra stopped playing and stared at him for several minutes.
뮤 니 퍼 썬트 2, very generous; lavish:The ~ millionaire gave lots of money to any charity that came to him with a request.:Mrs.Bigelow was a ~ hostess; there was so much wonderful food and wine at her dinner parties that the guests had to rest between courses. She was known for her munificence.
마이 오우 삐 어 2, nearsightedness; lack of foresight:~ is the fancy medical name for the inability to see clearly at a distance. It's also a word used in connection with people who lack other kinds of visual acuity.:The president suffered from economic ~; he was unable to see the consequences of his fiscal policies.:The worker's dissatisfaction was inflamed by management's ~ on the subject of wages.:To suffer ~ is to be myopic(마이 아 삑 2).
미 뤼 얻 1, 무수(a huge number):A country sky on a clear night is filled with ~ of stars.:There are ~ reasons why I don't like school.
~ stars is a lot of stars.
나할 씨 씨 점 1, 자아도취:Throwing a kiss to your reflection in the mirror is an act of ~. So is filling your living room with all your bowling trophies or telling everyone how smart and good-looking you are. You are a narcissist(날 써 씨스트 1) Someone who suffers from ~ is said to be narcissistic(날 써 씨스 틱 3)
네 뷸 러쓰 1, 불명료한:Oscar's view was so ~ that no one can figure out what he thinks about anything.애매한:The community's boundaries are somewhat ~; where they are depends on whom you ask.:A nebula(네 뷸 러 1)is an interstellar cloud, the plural of which is nebulae(네 뷸 리이 1)
니 페어 뤼 어쓰 2, 사악한:The radicals' ~ plot was to destroy New York by filling the reservoir with strawberry Jell-O.
니 얼 러 쥐 점 2, 신조어:Pedants don't like ~s. They like words we already have. But at one time every word was a ~. Someone somewhere had to be the first to use it.
네 퍼 티 점 1, 족벌주의:Clarence had no business acumen, so he was counting on ~ when he married the boss's daughter.
너 머 널 1, 명목상의:Bert was the ~ chairman of the committee, but Sue was really the one who ran things.:insignificant:The cost was ~ in comparison with the enormous value of what you received.:A-OK완전무결한:"All systems are ~,"said the NASA engineer as the space shuttle successfully headed into orbit.
낙 셔쓰 1, 유해한:Smoking is a ~ habit in every sense.:유독한:Poison Ivy is a ~ weed.
압 더 륏 1, 완고한:The committee's ~ refusal to listen to our plan was heartbreaking to us, since we had spent ten years coming up with it.
압 퍼 스케잍 1, to darken; to confuse; to make confusing:The spokesman's attempt to explain what the president had meant merely ~ed the issue further. People had hoped the spokesman would elucidate the issue.:Too much gin had ~ed the old man's senses.:The professor's inept lecture gradually ~ed a subject that had been crystal clear to us before.
오우 블리잌 2, at an angle 비스듬한:In geometry, lines are said to be ~ if they are neither parallel nor perpendicular to one another. The word ahs a related meaning outside of mathematics. An ~ statement is one that does not directly address the topic at hand, that approaches it as if from an angle.An allusion could be said to be an ~ reference.An ~ argument is one that does not directly confront its true subject. To insult someone ~ly(에둘러서) is to do so indirectly.: 에두른 Harry sprinkled his student council speech with ~ references to the principal's new toupee; the principal is so dense(우둔한)that he never figured out what was going on, but the rest of us were rolling on the floor.
업 씨 크위 어쓰 2, 알랑거리는:Ann's assistant was so ~ that she could never tell what he really thought about anything.
아합 투쓰 2, 둔(감)한:Karen was so ~ that she didn't realize for several days that Caleb had asked her to marry him.
어 피쉬 어쓰 2, 다사스럽다(다사―스럽다(多事―)[―따][∼스러우니·∼스러워][형용사][ㅂ 불규칙 활용] 긴하지 않은 일에도 참견하기 좋아하여 공연스레 바쁘다.):The ~ officer could never resist sticking his nose into other people's business.
아 너 뤄쓰 1, 부담스런:We were given the ~ task of cleaning up the fairgrouds after the carnival.
아 쁄 런트 1, 사치스러운:Everything in the ~ palace was made of gold--except the toilet-paper holder, which was made of platinum.
아 스뗀 써 벌 2, 표면상의:Blake's ~ mission was to repair a broken telephone, but his real goal was to eavesdrop on the boss's conversation.
아스 텐 테이 셔쓰 3, 어마어마한:The designer's use of expensive materials was ~; every piece of furniture was covered with silk or velvet, and every piece of hardware was made of silver or gold.겉치레에신경쓰는:The donor was ~ in making his gift to the hospital; he held a big press conference to announce it and then walked through the wards to give patients an opportunity to thank him personally.
팰 리 에잍 1, to relieve or alleviate something without getting rid of the problem; to assuage; to mitigate:You take aspirin in the hope that it will ~ your headache. Aspirin is a palliative(팰 리어 팁 1)
퍼알 트뤼 1, 보잘것없는:The laywer's efforts on our behalf were paltry; they didn't add up to anything.:얼마안되는 The paltry fee he paid us was scarcely large enough to cover our expenses.
페 너 씨 어 3, 만병통치약:The administration sseemd to believe that a tax cut would be a ~ for the country's economic ills.
퍼 로우 끼 얼 2, 편협한:The journalist's ~ point of view prevented him from becoming a nationally known figure.:provincial:The townspeople's concerns were entirely ~; they worried only about what happened in their town and not about the larger world around it.:A lot of people think a parochial school is a religious school. Actually, a ~ school is the school of the parish or neighborhood. In other contexts, though, ~ has negative connotations.
팔 터 전 1, one who supports a particular person, cause, or idea:Henry's plan to give himself the award had no ~ except himself:I am the partisan of any candidate who promises not to make promises.:The mountain village was attacked by ~s of the rebel chieftain(두목).:Partisan can also be used as an adjective meaning biased, as in ~ politics. An issue that everyone agrees on regardless of the party he or she belongs to is a non~ issue. Bipartisan means supported by two parties.:Both the Republican and Democratic senators voted to give themselves a raise. The motion had bipartisan support.
페이 턴트 1, 명백한: To say that the earth is flat is a ~ absurdity, since the world is obviously spherical.
퍼 털 널 2, 아버지같은:Rich is ~ toward his niece.
퍼 딸 러 쥐 2, 병리학:
Pathological 병적인
퍼 트뤼 션 2, 귀족:Mr.Perno was a ~, and he was never truly happy unless his place at the dinner table was set with at least half a dozen forks.:귀족적인:Polo is a ~ sport.
페 커 딜 로우 3, 경범죄:The smiling defendant acted as though first-degree murder were a mere ~ rather than a hideous crime.
퍼 댄 틱 2, 현학적인:The discussion quickly turned ~ as each participant tried to sound more learned than all the others.
퍼 조어 뤄 팁 2, disparaging(디스 페 뤄 쥥 2, 얕보는)"Hi, stupid" is a ~ greeting. "Loudmouth" is a nickname with a ~ connotation.:Abe's description of the college as "a pretty good school" was unintentionally ~.
페 너 턴트 1, 미안한:Julie was ~ when Hank explained how much pain she had caused him.:뉘우치는:The two boys tried to sound ~ at the police station, but they weren't really sorry that they had herded the sheep into Mr.Ingersoll's house. They were im~.
퍼 뤰ㅍ 터 뤼 2, final; categorical; dictatorial:Someone who is ~ says or does something without giving anyone a chance to dispute it.:Frank's father ~ily banished him to his room.
펄 퍼 디 1, 배반:I was appalled(질리다)at Al's ~. He had sworn to me that he was my best friend, but then he asked my girlfriend to the prom.:adj. perfidious(펄 피 디 어쓰 2)
펄 펑ㅋ 터 뤼 2, 마지못해하는:John made a couple of ~ attempts at answering the questions on the test, but then he put down his pencil and his head and slept until the end of the period.:아무렇게나 하는:Sandra's lawn mowing was perfunctory at best:she skipped all the difficult parts and didn't rake up any of the clippings.
페 뤄 페헤 태 틱 4, wandering; traveling continually; itinerant:Groupies(빠순이) are a ~ bunch, traveling from concert to concert to follow their favorite rock stars.
퍼 뤼 퍼 뤼 2, the outside edge of something:Jose never got involved in any of our activities; he was always at the ~.:The professional finger painter enjoyed his position at the ~ of the art world.:To be at the ~ is to be peripheral(퍼 뤼 퍼 뤌 2).A peripheral interest is a secondary or side interest.:Your peripheral vision is your ability to see to the right and left while looking straight ahead.
펄 미 에잍 1, 퍼지다:A horrible smell quickly ~ed the room after Jock lit a cigarette.:쫙깔려있다:Corruption had ~ed the company; every single one of its executives belonged in jail.:something that can be ~ed is said to be permeable.A ~ raincoat is one that lets water seep through.
펄 니쉬 어쓰 2, 치명적인:Lung cancer is a ~ disease.
펄 크워 짙 1, a privilege that goes along with a job; a "perk":Free access to a photocopier is a ~ of most office jobs.:The big corporate lawyer's ~s included a chauffeured limousine, a luxurious apartment in the city, and all the chocolate ice cream he could eat. :A ~ should not be confused with a prerequisite(프뤼 뤠 끄워 짙 2), which is a necessity.:Health and happiness are two ~s of a good life:A college degree is a ~ for many high-paying jobs.
펄 터 넌트 1, relevant; dealing with the matter at hand:The suspect said that he was just borrowing the jewelry for a costume ball. The cop said he did not think that was ~. im~ means disrespectful.
펄 털브 2, to disturb greatly:Ivan's mother was ~ed by his aberrant behavior at the dinner table. Ivan's father was not bothered. Nothing bothered Ivan, Sr. He was imperturbable.
퍼 루즈 2, 정독하다:The lawyer ~ed the contract for many hours, looking for a loophole that would enable his client to back out of the deal.:To ~ something is to engage in perusal.:My perusal of the ancient texts brought me no closer to my goal of discovering the meaning of life.
페 출 런트 1, 괴퍅한:The ~ waiter slammed down our water glasses and spilled a tureen of soup onto Roger's toupee.심기가뒤틀린:Gloria became ~ when we suggested that she leave her pet cheetah at home when she came to spend the weekend; she said that we had insulted her cheetah and that an insult to her cheetah was an insult to her.:To be ~ is to engage in petulance, or rudeness.
필 리 스티인 1, 교양없는사람
피 버 털 1, crucial:A pivotal comment is a comment that turns a discussion. It is a very important comment.:중추적인 A ~ member of a committee is a crucial or extremely important member of a committee.
플래 터 툳 1, 케케묵은말:The principal thinks he is a great orator, but his loud, boring speech was full of ~s.adj.platitudinous쓸데없는 말을 하는(플래 터 투 디 너쓰 3)
플러 비 언 2, 서민적인:Sarah refused to eat frozen dinners, saying they were too ~ for her discriminating palate(팰 렅 1, 미각)
플레 떠 뤄 1, an excess:We ate a ~ of candy on Halloween and a ~ of turkey on Thanksgiving.:Letting the air force use our backyard as a bombing range created a ~ of problems.

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