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Must Know Sculpture

fall exam '08


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Aphrodite of Knidos
Mature Classical Greek, 350bce, praxiteles, female nudity rare, fluid stance, drapery
Warka Vase
Sumerian, Uruk, first narrative relief sculpture, registers
Palette of Narmer
Egypt, Pre-dynasty, 3000bce, unification of upper and lower egypt, machtkunst, god symbolism
Stele of Hammurabi
Babylonian, 1780bce, megalith, religious and secular machtkunst
Bamburg Rider, Bamburg Cathedral
Gothic, 1235ce, donor portrait statue, correct man/horse proportion
Ekkehard of Meissen and Uta, Naumberg Cathedral
Gothic, German, 1245ce, donor portrait statues, secular sculpture
Madonna and Child, Notre Dame-Paris
Gothic, France, 14th cen, cult of the virgin, mary as drapery, gothic sway (S), interaction between Mary and Christ
Dancing Shiva
Hindu, late 6th cen, cosmic dance, mudras, cave sculpture
High Classical Greek, 450bce, polykleitos, canon of figure model, contrapposto, weight balanced
Vairocana Buddha
Chinese, 675ce, size machtkunst, majesty, simplicity, dignity,
Charlemagne, or Charles the Bald
Carolingian, France, 9th cen, man/horse disproportionality, unified roman/german/christian symbolism
Venus of Willendorf
Paleolithic, Austria, exaggerated body, symbol of fertility
Harvester Vase
Minoan, 1500bce, organic figures, energy
Menkaure and Khamerernebty
Egypt, Old kingdom, 2490bce, rigid frontality, foward foot, no weight shift, godlike youth
Annunciation and Visitation, Reims
Gothic, France, 1230ce, various workshops, gothic sway (S), cult of the virgin
Hellenistic Greek, 1st cen, motion and emotion, fluid movement, diagonal lines
Etruscan, 510bce, rooftop figures, energetic features, stance
Seated Boxer
Hellenistic Greek, 50bce, bronze, real naturalism, dynamic pose, facial emotion
Last Judgement, Tympanum
Romanesque, France, 1120ce, angels, hellmouths, sinners=nude, christ in mandorla,
Kritios Boy
Early Classical Greek, 480bce, contrapposto, naturalism, perfectionism

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