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Science Gr 6 (Chapter 8)


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Who was Antoine Lavoisier?
French Chemist, no change in mass during common chemical reactions, such as: burning and rusting.
Negatively charged particles that are the lightest of the three main particles found in an atom.
A form of matter that is made when two or more elements combine.
What is an example of a compound?
H2O - Water which is Oxygen and Hydrogen combined.
How is a compound represented?
By a chemical formula.
Two or more substances put together that DO NOT combined to form a compound.
What is an example of a mixture?
Air - which contains oxygen, nitrogen and other gases.

Another example: rocks
What is Mass?
Amount of matter in an object.
Can Mass change?
NO, Mass cannot change.
What is a Proton?
A positively charge particle located in the nucleus of an atom.
An extremely small partical that is the basic unit of matter and is composed mainly of protons, neutrons and electrons.
Greek philosopher who found out what an atom is and called it "stuff"
Synthetic Element
NOT an element found in nature. A synthetic element is man-made by a particle accelerator.
How many synthetic elements are there?
Natural Element
An element found in nature. Example: copper, hydrogen, sodium, iodine
How many natural elements?
John Dalton
English chemist that introduced a model to describe matter and atoms.
Matter made up of only one type of atom. Example: gold
How many elements are there?
A smaller or larger version of something.
A particle with NO charge.
The center of an atom which is made up of protons and neutrons.
Particle Accelerator
Machines that make synthetic elements.
Chemical Formula
Is made up of symbols and numbers that tell what elements are in a compound and what their ratios are.
Joseph Proust
French chemist, he stated that the basic building blocks of any substance are always the same.
used to describe anything that has mass and takes up space. Examples: Air, trees, buildings, people
Is heat and light a form of matter?
Heat and light are not a form of matter.
Periodic Table
A chart that organizes elements by the number of PROTONS in each elements nucleus. This also indicates if a element is a solid, liquid or gas.
Dimitri Mendeleev
Russian chemist who made the periodic table.
Why do some elements have a three letter abbreviation?
Until scientists around the world agree on the element it has a 3 letter abbreviation and then when agreed upon gets a 2 letter abbreviation.

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