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Scientists in the field of electricity and magnetism


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Michael Faraday
1791-1867 -- English
- Discovered electromagnetic force; named it "magnetic field"
- Experimented with creating electric currents using magnets
Joseph Henry
1799-1878 -- American
1831 - He created a more powerful electromagnet by using a horeshoe-shaped insulated iron bar that held in the heat from the electric current running through the wire (better than William Sturgeon's)
William Sturgeon
1783-1850 -- English
1825 - created the first practical electromagnet by using a bar of soft iron inside wire coil
Hans Christian Oersted
1777-1851 -- Danish
1819 - accidentally discovered E and M are connected when he brought a compass near a wire with an electric current flowing through it
Alexander Graham Bell
March 10, 1867 - He made the first phone call
He also invented the hearing test machine and the fax machine
Thomas Alva Edison
Inventor - light bulb - phonograph - movie projector
World's first central electric light power station
George Ohm
mid 1800's - Flow of current through wire depends on wire's resistance
Ohm's Law: Pressure (volts) = current (amps) x resistance (ohms)
3 parts of a circuit: source (battery), load (electric device such as lamp), conductors (wires)
Andre Ampere
1820's - Parallel wires - current same - attract
Parallel wires - current opposite - repel
Allessandro Volta
1790's - Animal electricity=chemical reaction; chemical A + chemical B = new substance
Railing+hook+moisture (rain) -> jump
1800 - battery - copper + zinc + salt water -> electricity
Luigi Galvani
1786 - Lightning -> electricity?
Railing + metal hook + frog + lightning -> jump - animal electricity
Galvanize - to shock with an electric current
Benjamic Franklin
Boston - apprentice - Philadelphia - "Poor Richard's Almanac"
1752 - kite, silk string, key, lightning - shock -> lightning rod
6th C. BCE
Rubbed amber - light objects attracted = static electricity
Lodestone (magnetite) attracted heavy objects (metal)

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