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Sci: 10 BRHS Scientist and Inventors


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Who was the compound microscope in 1660 made for
Robert Hooke
What was the lens devoloped in the 18th century called
anchormatic lens
What was it devoloped for
to control the halo and improve the amount of detail that could be seen
Who disproved the theory of spontaneous generation
Louis Pasteur
Who identified the important cell structure the nucleas
Robert Brown
What did Hans and Zacharias Janssen invent in 1595
the microscope
Who was the first to see the movement of different types of single cells
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
Who observed more than 500 types of animals and set up a classification system based on his observations
Who published a book on Micrographia with 38 illustrations
Robert Hooke
What was Leeuwenhoeks success mainly due to
the quality of his lenses

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