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On the last episode of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," who is the only character to not get fired?
Ted Baxter
In 2004, Miss America officials announced that what event would be dropped from the live TV broadcast?
In 2004, introduced a popular cartoon featuring Kerry and Bush singing a parody of what song?
This Land Is Your Land
Iago is the treacherous villain of what Shakespeare tragedy?
A cubic foot consists of how many cubic inches?
In 1948, the Allies began a massive airlift of supplies in response to a Soviet blockade of what city?
West Berlin
Which of these desserts typically features an ice cream filling?
Baked Alaska
What is the square root of the cube root of 64?
What nationality is professional golfer Annika Sorenstam?
In states that observe daylight-saving time, what is the longest month of the year?
Peter Gabriel's 1980 song "Biko" pays tribute to a fallen political activist from what country?
South Africa
In April 2004, who heard the coveted words "You're hired!" as the winner of TV's "The Apprentice"?
Bill Rancic
From May 2003 to June 2004, who served as the U.S.'s chief administrator in Iraq?
Paul Bremer
Paris's largest airport is named after what French leader?
Charles de Gaulle
An increasingly controversial delicacy, foie gras is made from the liver of which of these animals?
When speaking of his talks with Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan often quoted the proverb, "Trust, but" what?
"Hoosegow" is and old-fashioned slang word for what?
Each year, the American Cancer Society holds the "Great American Smokeout" during what month?
A paper towel's absorption of water is an example of what scientific principle?
Capillary action
Which of these "Beverly Hills 90210" stars was a regular cast member for the entire ten-year run of the show?
Tori Spelling
The formula "subtract 32, and multiply by 5/9" is used to make what common conversion?
Fahrenheit to Celsius
Which of these bakery ingredients commonly contains cream of tartar?
Baking Powder
"Romaji" is a system used to write what language using the Roman alphabet?
In 2004, Dick Cheney grabbed headlines by using profanity on the Senate floor in response to whom?
Pat Leahy
Which of these stars of the 1985 film "The Breakfast Club" did not also appear in "St. Elmo's Fire"?
Molly Ringwald
Before it was retired in 2003, the Concorde jet flew from London to New York City in an average time of what?
3 hours 20 minutes
The paper used to make U.S. currency is 25% linen and 75% what?
What does the "O" stand for in the name of the famous B & O Railroad?
In June 2002, tribal leader Hamid Karzai became the head of state of what country?
In the 2004 movie, "Troy," Achilles engages in a climactic duel with what warrior?
The Akita, a breed of dog once used to hunt bears, was named a national treasure of what nation in 1931?
In the computer abbreviation JPEG, the "P" stands for what?
Which of these expressions makes reference to the chief god of Roman mythology?
By Jove!
In the famous Latin saying, "veni, vidi, vici," what does "vidi" mean?
I saw
In numeric form, a googol is represented as a one followed by how many zeroes?
One Hundred
What cheese is aged for at least three months in the limestone caves in the south of France?
Which of these bodies of water was named by explorer Ferdinand Magellan in the early 1500s?
Pacific Ocean
The Canadian portion of Niagara Falls, named for its distinctive shape, is called what?
Horseshoe Falls
A person who experiences "schadenfrude" gets pleasure from what?
Unhappiness of others
How many children were born to Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey on November 19, 1997?
What is the width of a standard queen size mattress?
Named after one of his songs, the 2004 movie "De-Lovely" is a biopic of what composer?
Cole Porter
Which of these barnyard animals is classified as a ruminant?
"Buddha" is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning what?
Enlightened One
On a US Scrabble board, the center square is what type of premium space?
Double word score
What veteran singer had his first #1 Billboard album with the 2004 release "License to Chill"?
Jimmy Buffet
Movie star Will Smith's first name is short for what?
Living up to his nickname "Chairman of the Board," Frank Sinatra started up what record label in 1961?
What singer and ordained minister performed the wedding ceremony of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis?
Little Richard
Which of these celebs was not among those who showed up at Martha Stewart's 2004 trial as a show of support?
Nathan Lane
According to a popular rumor Full House star Dave Coulier is the subject of what hit 90's song?
You Oughta Know
Which of these actors has never appeared in a movie with the well-connected actor Kevin Bacon?
Denzel Washington
Prince Charles and Princess Diana officially divorced in 1996 after how many years of marriage?
Famous for its dramatic landscapes, Zion National Park is located in what U.S. state?
The only marsupial native to North America is a species of what animal?
"Globus hystericus" is a medical condition more commonly known as what?
Lump in the throat
In 2004, the lit Olympic torch made its journey through which of these continents for the first time?
In 1994, Oliver North fell less than three percentage points shy of winning the U.S. senate seat of what state?
First observed in the 1920s, the "hemline theory" states that shorter skirts correlate with a rise in what?
Stock prices
Introduced in 1928, Red Stripe Beer is brewed in what country?
Visitors customarily place slips of paper with prayers on them into the cracks of what famous landmark?
Wailing Wall
What presidential hopeful was featured in a Newsweek cover story on his battle with "the Wimp Factor"?
George H.W. Bush
In the book, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", what happens to Alice when she eats a cake labeled "Eat me"?
Grows larger
Because of the way the Mississippi River curves through the city, New Orleans is nicknamed what?
Crescent City
What common childhood disease is also known as "rubeola"?
What company's famous logo was designed by college student Carolyn Davidson in 1971 for $32?
The square root of 9 is the same value as 9 raised to what power?
Completed in 1926, Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary is located in what U.S. state?
The 1966 movie "What's up, Tiger Lily?" was one the first directorial efforts of what famous filmmaker?
Woody Allen
In 2004, NASA's Cassini spacecraft finished a 7-year journey by entering the orbit of what planet?
What desert's name is a Mongolian word meaning "waterless place"?
Among U.S. commercial radio stations, what music format is played by the most stations?
From 1930 to 1974, Haile Selassie served as the emperor of what African nation?
The 1999 book "Black Hawk Down" recounts a disastrous 1993 U.S. military invasion in what country?
With a standard pair of six-sided dice, what are the odds of rolling a 12?
1 in 36
The moon Phobos, which shares its name with the Greek word for "fear," orbits what planet?
Which of these movies has a controversial scene that features the song "Singin' in the Rain"?
A Clockwork Orange
In what language was the "Communist Manifesto" originally written?
Before it was used to refer to tall buildings, the word "skyscraper" usually referred to a what?
Sail of a ship
What movie star used his own rise to fame as the basis for the 2004 HBO series "Entourage"?
Mark Wahlberg
The point on the Earth located at zero degrees longitude and latitude lies in what body of water?
Atlantic Ocean
Since 1945, the Best Picture Oscar category has featured how many nominees each year?
Faced with an energy crisis, what U.S. president signed into law the 55-mph national speed limit?
Richard Nixon
Which of these common tongue-twisting phrases features numerous examples of sibilance?
She sells seashells
In 2004, Morse code was updated for the first time in decades with the addition of a code for what symbol?
"At" sign
Which of the following was not a major news story during the summer of 1969?
Attica riots
Andrew Grove, Time magazine's 1997 "Man of the Year," is the Chairman of the Board of what company?
General John "Black Jack" Pershing was the Commander of U.S. forces in what war?
World War I
What professional sports group uses the slogan "These guys are good"?
Often used to make shawls, pashmina is woven from the soft wool of what animals?
What classic TV show debuted in 1948 under the name "Toast of the Town"?
The Ed Sullivan Show
In 1995, what vegetable became the first food grown in space?
In 2003, who did the American Film Institute select as the top movie villain of all time?
Hannibal Lecter
By definition, a currycomb is a tool used to do what?
Groom horses
Which of these sea creatures belongs to the class Cephalopoda, meaning "head foot"?
Often mentioned in its ads, "sildenafil citrate" is the scientific name for what?
In 2003, the first cow in the U.S. to test positive for "mad cow" disease was found in what state?
In the Broadway musical "Sweeney Todd," the vengeful title character works as a what?
In boxing, a "rabbit punch" lands where on the body?
Back of the neck
How many tiles are there in a standard set of "Double-six" dominoes?
Completed in 1994, the computer program Chinook is thought to be the world's best player of what game?
In 1912, the Titanic met its untimely end 400 miles off the coast of what North Atlantic island?
Dynamite is commonly made by soaking sawdust in what?
At a cost of over $450 million, what city opened its much-hyped 24-acre Millennium Park in 2004?
Who was Chief Justice when the Supreme Court heard the landmark case Roe v. Wade?
Warren Burger
The Swedish turnip is a vegetable more commonly known as a what?
A famous 1969 fire on what U.S. river is credited with sparking the environmental movement of the 1970's?
In the Olympics, Rhythmic gymnasts may use all of the following as props except what?
The altar is usually located in which of these parts of a church?
Rounded to the nearest thousandth, how many days does it take the Earth to orbit the Sun?
What activity is the source of the expression "passing the buck"?
Playing poker
Which of these countries shares a border with more than one other country?
In 2004, Mattel announced that Barbie has split with Ken and also has an Australian "friend" named what?
The Great Seal of the United States appears on the back of what denomination of U.S. currency?
One-dollar bill
By definition, an ombudsman is an official whose duty is to do which of the following?
Investigate complaints
Also featuring muralist Diego Riveria, "Diego and I" is a famous self-portrait by what artist?
Frida Kahlo
What popular movie features a comical priest who declares, "Mawage is wot bwings us togeder today?
The Princess Bride
In 2001, Chevron merged with what company to form the U.S.'s second largest oil and gas provider?
In 2004, what did the American Film Institute name as the greatest movie song of all time?
Over the Rainbow
Who is the author of the popular wedding poem that begins, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways"?
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
In which of these races do participants travel the farthest?
Tour de France
"Reversi" and "Annexation" were both early versions of what classic game?
In 2004, NASA's Genesis probe crashed to Earth after a 3-year mission to collect particles from what?
Solar wind
In the 1965 movie "The Sound of Music", who is the oldest of the seven Von Trapp children?
Which of the following refers to the part of a ship that lies below the water?
In the 2004 movie "I, Robot," what is then name of the emotional robot suspected of murder?
In 2004, the FDA approved using Botox injections as a treatment for what?
Excessive sweating
In physics, the standard unit of electrical resistance is named after what scientist?
Georg Ohm
What is the real first name of U2's lead singer, Bono?
The legendary tale of the Pied Piper takes place in Hamelin, a town in what country?
Which of these symbols does not appear on the buttons of a standard PlayStation 2 video game controller?
Used to extend the shelf life of packaged foods, hydrogenation is a process in which hydrogen is added to what?
Vegetable oil
Which of these countries does not border the small European nation of Luxembourg?
In square inches, what is the approximate area of a U.S. dollar bill?
What First Lady is said to haunt the White House's East Room, where she hangs her laundry out to dry?
Abigail Adams
In the Olympics, the gymnasts' balance beam is how wide?
4 inches
Often sold in health food stores, spirulina is a nutrient-rich type of what?
Everybody's favorite game show, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," shares its name with a song by what composer?
Cole Porter
On the TV cartoon series, "The Smurfs," who was the only Smurf to wear a red hat instead of white?
Papa Smurf
As suggested by its scientific name, the giraffe was originally thought to be a cross between a leopard and a what?
Since 1934, what pro football team has traditionally played on Thanksgiving Day?
Detroit Lions
"Volare," the title of a 1958 hit song, is an Italian word meaning which of the following?
Founded in 1842, the Plain Dealer is the main newspaper of what U.S. city?
In the Homeland Security Advisory System, which of the following is not one of the five levels?
Artists become eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame how many years after the release of their first record?
Which of these types of bombs is often referred to as a thermonuclear bomb?
Hydrogen bomb
In 2004, what teen celeb gushed that former camp counselor Jenna Bush was "awesome" and "really sweet"?
Hilary Duff
A person's postprandial blood pressure is measured just after a person has done what?
The bola tie is the official neckwear of what state?
Based out of Love Field in Dallas, what airline's stock ticker symbol is LUV?
In a famous poem, Welsh poet Dylan Thomas urges “Do not go gentle into that good” what?
Before he became a politician, John Kerry rocked the house as the bass player in a high school band named what?
The Electras
Comprising a significant percentage of human body weight, adipose tissue is also known as what?
Body fat
The Pinyin system is commonly used to write what language using the Roman alphabet?
What product features on its label the Gold Medallion for excellence it won at the 1900 Paris Exposition?
Campbell's soup
If you burn after 10 minutes in the sun, wearing SPF-15 sunscreen should prevent burning for up to how long?
Two and a half hours
What is the relationship between the traditional puppet show characters Punch and Judy?
Husband and wife
On a doctor's stethoscope, what is the term for the flat, circular device that touches your body?
In mathematics, what is the largest prime number under 100?
In April 2004, Bob Edwards signed off after nearly 25 years as host of what NPR radio program?
Morning edition
Dermestids, used by scientists to clean off skeletons, are a flesh-eating type of what?
What famous explorer was the first governor of Puerto Rico under the Spanish?
Juan Ponce de León
By definition, a defenestrated object has been what?
Thrown out a window
What U.S. state flag incorporates the Confederate battle flag into its design?
Europeans of what religion are often referred to as either Ashkenazim of Sephardim?
Used in computer networking, the term “P2P” stands for what?
What New England city's name is a variation of the Hebrew word for "peace"?
How many different shapes, or "Tetraminoes," are featured in the classic video game Tetris?
Which of these types of rocks is classified as a sedimentary rock?
Beginning in the 16th century, Protestants from what country were often known as Huguenots?
What slang word is thought to have been coined in 1958 as the name of a Superman villain?
The Van Gogh Museum, is a popular destination for art lovers visiting what European capital?
In a T-bone steak, the meat is attached to what “T”-shaped bone?
The peninsula of Anatolia is the westernmost point of what continent?
A standard deck of tarot cards consists of how many cards?
What U.S. inventor, who spent years improving the telegraph, nicknamed his first two children Dot and Dash?
Thomas Edison
What designer's career skyrocketed after he clothed Richard Gere in the 1980 film "American Gigolo"?
Giorgio Armani
In the novel and movie "Cold Mountain," where is Cold Mountain?
North Carolina
Frequently displayed on signs in France, "sortie" is a French word meaning what?
At the 2004 Olympics, what country came in second to the U.S. in terms of total number of medals?
Consisting of a proton, an electron and a neutron, deuterium is an isotope of what common element?
After his death, what thinker's brain was stolen by an eccentric pathologist who kept it over 40 years?
Albert Einstein
What is the approximate age difference between 2004 rivals John Kerry and George W. Bush?
Kerry is 2.5 years older
The first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island when it opened in 1892 was a teenage girl from what country?
"Don't be evil" is the corporate motto of what tech company?
Featuring the lyric "heavy metal thunder," what classic song is credited with popularizing the phrase "heavy metal"?
Born to Be Wild
The longest interstate highway in the U.S., I-90 runs from Boston to what West Coast city?
Started in 1971, the popular restaurant chain Hard Rock Cafe is known for its logo "Save the" what?
What author-inspired word means "marked by a senseless, confusing and often menacing complexity"?
Which of the following is currently the name of an Eastern European country?
Bosnia and Herzegovina
What was Princess Di's middle name?
Under the official rules of table tennis, the top of the net must be how high above the table?
6 inches
In the U.S., millions of barrels of reserve oil are stored in enormous salt caverns that span what two states?
Louisiana and Texas
Which of these people was not featured in Barbara Walters' 2004 "10 Most Fascinating People" TV special?
Jessica Simpson
What is the name of the much-discussed, unproven theory that classical music sharpens the mind?
Mozart effect
In 2003, what star invested $10 million in "Taboo," one of Broadway's biggest flops of the year?
Rosie O'Donnell
Which of these schools is a public university?
U. Michigan
In 1981, Australia launched its popular "Slip! Slop! Slap!" public awareness campaign to get people to do what?
Wear sun protection
Which of these fruits is also known as the Chinese gooseberry?
Though traditionally prepared as a vegetable, which of these produce items is technically a berry?
Still in use today, a system devised by German scientist Friedrich Mohs ranks minerals based on what?
In January 2003, what world leader was dubbed "Dr. Evil" by a Newsweek cover story?
Kim Jong Il
On the children's TV show "Blue's Clues," the clues are marked with what symbol?
Paw print
What musical instrument's name, literally translated, means "jumping flea"?
Traditionally worn by golfers, "plus fours" are a type of what?
Now a full-time philanthropist, Jeff Skoll became a billionaire as president of what internet company?
What famed illustrator is credited as being the first to depict Santa Claus as a jolly, heavyset character?
Thomas Nast
Originally bred for hunting, which of these dog breeds is classified by the American Kennel Club as a sporting dog?
Golden retriever
In the boot-shaped country of Italy, which of these cities is closest to the "toe"?
In terms of both land area and population, Israel is closest in size to which of these U.S. states?
Coal is the official mineral of what U.S. state?
Which of these European countries shares a land border with only one other country?
Introduced in 2004, the fragrance Enchantment is a tie-in with a story line on what soap opera?
All My Children
Grenadine is a popular drink made from the juice of what fruit?
What performers are spoofed in the 2003 mockumentary "A Mighty Wind"?
Folk Singers
Philosopher's Stone was a legendary substance that alchemists believed could turn lead into what?
On the TV series, "Inside the Actor's Studio", host James Lipton keeps his notes on what color index cards?
Circadian dysrhythmia is a physical condition better known as what?
Jet lag
A memorable scene in the 1986 movie "Stand By Me" features what kind of contest?
Pie Eating
In 2004, Teresa Heinz Kerry made headlines by responding to a reporter with what sassy remark?
Shove it
Meningitis is a disease characterized by the swelling of tissue surrounding the spinal cord and what organ?
Often used in southern cooking, collard greens belong to the same species as what vegetable?
Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta "The Mikado" is set where?
In 2004, what movie flop was released on DVD in a "VIP edition" that includes a blindfold and pasties?
The classic movie "It's a Wonderful Life" ends as the people of Bedford Falls sings what song?
Auld Lang Syne
In 2004, the Lance Armstrong Foundation raised millions for cancer research selling a rubber bracelet of what color?
The word "trampoline" comes from the Italian word "trampoline," which means what?
How is the fraction 9/100,000 expressed in decimal form?
"Hellanthus annus" is the scientific name for what well-known flower?
The mostly black-and-white movie "Schindler's List" features a little girl wearing a coat of what color?
In the 2004 movie "Dodgeball," the underdogs compete in order to save a run-down what?
Fitness center
In the novel and movie, "The Return of the King," the king in the title refers to whom?
In the Bible, the Israelites gathered manna in order to make what?
What 1980s romantic comedy is a modern-day version of the classic play "Cyrano de Bergerac"?
What major river flows through Baghdad?
"It's morning again in America" was a TV ad slogan for what U.S. President's reelection campaign?
Ronald Reagan
On the Great Seal of the United States, the eagle holds in its left claw a bundle of thirteen what?
What Broadway musical features the extravagant song-and-dance number "Springtime for Hitler"?
The Producers
In 2004, what author publicly demanded that the documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" be renamed?
Ray Bradbury
"I'm going down to Yasgur's farm" is a lyric from what 1970 hit song by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young?
Conrad Siegfried, mastermind of the evil organization KAOS, was the main villain on what TV series?
Get Smart
In the Catholic Church, a novena is a series of prayers recited over a period of how many days?
What game show host was the subject of a 2003 cable TV reality show subtitled "Naturally Stoned"?
Chuck Woolery
The American Lung Association was founded in 1904 to combat what disease?
For almost 200 years, which branch of the U.S. military issued bell-bottoms as part of its uniform?
In a game of tennis, what word is used to indicate a score of zero?
A person allergic to gluten would most likely experience symptoms after eating which of the following?
The prestigious Edward R. Murrow Awards are presented annually for excellence in what field?
Broadcast journalism
In 2003, singer Kelis released a racy hit single named after what tasty treat?

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