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fa 101


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venus of willendorf
a general image of a pregnant female (fertility image)
cave painting/hall of bulls
Lascaux france – remote area of the cave, probably for magical purpose
Eccentric art
not mainstream/no training required/for personal fulfillment
Simon rodea
– watts towers – eccentric - California-self-taught artist, created for personal fulfillment
Street Rat - English artist – uses stencils and paint on streets/museum/zoo/political
Betye Saar
liberation of aunt jemima- about stereotyping black women/bring about realistic image of black women – mixed media assemblage: multimedia assembly
Dredd scott
what is the proper way to display the American flag?
Robert mapplethorpe
self-portrait – pics of flowers and the male nude- insensitive/didn’t consider social environment
Richard serra
tilted arc- known for his steel sculptures that divide space – public demanded it be removed
Edward Weston
Pepper - 1930 - close-ups - straight photo
Dorthea Lange
Migrant Worker - documentary - straight photographer
Ansel Adams
moon and half dome yosemite - realistic and precise - straight
Lucas Samaras
Phantasmata - heated and altered Polaroid - manipulated
Diane Arbus
The King and Queen - 1970 - unexpected - snapshot aesthetic
Cindy Sherman
Untitled - sherman poses as female stereotypes - fabricated photo
Sandy Skogland
radioactive cats - designs and photos life size environments - fabricated photo
Annie Leibovitz
John Lennon & Yoko - Christo(wrapped in cloth) - icons of pop culture
Chris Jordan
large photos of many tiny images - environmentalist
Roger Rowley
Fruit Plate - lots of fruit plates compiled to make big picture
Applied arts
purpose=bother aesthetic and utilitarian - graphic design/crafts
fine arts
purpose=aesthetics only - graphic design and crafts
Norman Rockwell
graphic design-magazine illustration
graphic design - scientific illustration
Gary Larsen
Graphic design - wsu alum - cartoonist
Saltcellar - metal(gold)
The Dragon Throne
china - wood and fiber
Maria Martinez
native - black on black pottery - ceramics/clay
Dale Chihuly
The Sun - the Pilchuck School of GLASS
3 lines and eye of knowledge=membership (follower of SHIVA)
Native American
Mandan - warrior paint/tribal identity
African Maisai
warrior paint + long twisted hair
white paint/ rebirth to adulthood
New Zealand/Maori
spiral face tatoos=individual ID
scars on face done over time - stages of life
India/Woman's Forehead
paint and tatoo - beauty and protection

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