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Chemistry Review


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horizontal rows in the periodic table
in a double bond the # of shared electrons is?
alpha particle
not one of the 3 fundamental particles that make up atoms
Which of the following is true concerning a chemical reaction?
new substances must be formed
Under what conditions can 2 electrons occupy the same orbital?
If they have opposite spins
element symbols
consist of one or two symbols
In the balancing of a chemical reations which are you allowed to do?
write coefficeints
a key word in the definition of stoichiometry is?
most of the earth's atmosphere is made up of?
always contains an unequal number of protons and electrons
Which of these ions does not have the same electron configuration as Kr?
ionic compounds
normally formed when a metal and a nonmetal transfer valence electrons
6.02 x 10 to the 23
Avogadro's Number?
typical charge on ions formed in the alkaline earth metals
Normally exists as a diatomic molecule?
correct formula for sulfuric acid?
scientist credited with the first periodic table of elements
smallest part of an element that retains the chemical identity of that element
How many atoms of oxygen are represented by the formula 2Ca(NO3)2?
1.51 x 10 to the 24
Approximate # of atoms in 30 grams of carbon?
preix that makes a unit larger
multiply 8.8 x 10 to the 5 & 5.78 x 10 to the -3
an idea that describes how nature behaves but does not explain why nature behaves the way it does
equal # of molecules
at the same temperature and pressure equal volumes of different kinds of gases contain?
value 3.00 x 10 to the 8 m/s expresses light as?
Which bond would be considered completely non-polar?
Which of the diagrams violates the Pauli exclusions principle?
.125 meters
1.25 centimeters equals?
predict the amounts of products formed
Understanding the stoichiometric relationships enable you to?
Non-atomic ions are named using the suffix
amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1C is called?
correct formula of the compound formed by the combination of calcium & sulfate ions?
760 mm Hg, 1 atmosphere, 101.3 kPk
which is standard pressure?
when an atom loses an electron it becomes
direct combination
Reaction opposite of decomposition reaction?
SI unit for energy
valence electrons
electrons largely responsible for the atom's chemical behavior
potential energy
energy possessed by objects b/c of their position or the arrangement of their particles?
state of matter characterized by definite volume but lack of definite shape?
both of the reactants will be used
When two reactants are available in the stoichiometric proportions represented by the balanced chemical equation
Which of the 4 orbital diagrams is correct for iron?
typical charge for elements known as halogens
83; 118
Atomic # for mercury is 83. Atomic mass for mercury is .59. How many protons does it have? neutrons?
identity of the gas
Volume of a gs depends on all except?
correct formula for iron 3 nitrate?
anything that has mass & volume
raising the temperatures of a gas in a fixed volume contains will most likely change the ? exerted by the gas in the container
physical state of nearly all ionic compounds at room temperature?
least reactive elements are?
exapmle of a heterogenous mixture
sand in water
always smaller
in a chemical reaction the total mass of the products compared to the total mass of the reactants is?
separation technique that takes advantage of differences of boiling points
heat, crush, stir
To make an ionic compound in water dissolve faster you could?
A + BX > AX + B
general form of a single replacement reaction?
22.4 L/ Mol
Molar volume of a gas at STP?
expressed as moles of solute/ liters of a solution
graduated cylinder
which is used to measure liquid volume?
in using balanced equations to solve mass-mass problems the mass of each reactant is first converted to?
central science
chemistry has been called the ? because it overlaps all other sciences
distance between successive crests of a wave
outermost electrons
the valence electrons are always the
limiting reactants
amount of products formed in a chemical reaction is determined by the amount of?
atomic number
the number of protons in an atom
zinc sulfate
name of the compound whose formula in ZnSO6
not simply a change in state?
substance that is formed in a chemical reaction
molecules, uncombined atoms, & moles
in a balanced chemical equation the coefficients represent the relative numbers of?
your results are precise but not accurate
you do 8 experiments to measure the acceleration due to gravity Your results show it to be 9.3 m/s2 The actual # is 9.8 m/s2 This means?
brightness or intensity of light depends on its?
cannot be separated into simpler substances by a chemical change
actual yield to expected yield
the % yield of products from a chemical reaction is the ratio of?
balancing the equation
1st step in any stoichiometric problem is?
number of sig. figs in 44125.0010 is?
exothermic reaction
in a chemical reaction in which heat is released is called an?
Which is true of a balanced equation?
the # of atoms remains the same
alkali metals
elements in GroupA of the periodic table
42% Mg 55% O 2% H
% compostition of Mg(OH)2 is?
Ca + 3
all of the following ions have an octet of electrons except?
3.166 x 10 to the 6
correct form of scientific notation for 3,166,000 is?
potassium sulfate
name of the compound whose formula is K2SO6
How does a covalent bond differ from an ionic bond?
an ionic bond is the transfer of electrons; a covalent is the sharing of electrons
amount of limiting reactants
amount of products formed in a chemical reaction is determined by?
% composition
mass of each element in a compound compared to the entire mass of the compound is?
best defined as the substance and the changes they undergo
correct formula for the compound formed by the combination of calcium and hydroxide?
most abundant element on Earth?
has the properties of particles & waves
gases are weightless near the surface of the Earth
Not a proerty of gases?
gas law that states 2 relationships between the volume of a gas & its pressures was developed by?
kinetic energy
what kind of energy do objects in motion carry?
Bronsted-Lowery definition
In the ?, an acid is a substance that furnished hydronium ions in water solution
nothing will happen; no reaction
assuming that zinc is a more active metal than lead, what will happen when lead strip is placed in a solution of zinc sulfate?
follow the directions of the teacher
most important safety rule in the lab?
loses electrons
positively charged ions are forem when an atom?
capacity to do work?
mass number
an atom's total number of protons and neutrons
In which is the 0 not a sig. fig.?
the ionic compound formed in an acid based neutralization reaction is

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