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Ap Big Unit Test


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Among the causes of the long postwar economic expansion were?
military spending and cheap energy
The regions that gaine the most population and new industry in the postwar economic expansion were
The south and the WEST
Among the federal policies that contributed to the postwar migration from the cities to the suburbrs were?
housing-mortgage tax deductions and federally built highways
High barrier between east and west erected during the 1961 Berlin Crisis
Berlin Wall
The primary reason that Franlin made concessions to Stalin at the yalta conference was that?
he wanted the soviet union to enter the war against japan
Before ww2, both the united states and the soviet union had?
had been largely inward looking and isolated from international affairs
the berlin crisis of 1948-1949 occured when
soviet forces blocked the western allies rail and highway access to west berlin
The truman doctrine originally developed because of the communist threat to
turkey and greece
The crusade of senator Joseph McCarthy was primarily detected against?
alleged american communist influence inside the united states
The Korean war broke out in 1950 when
North korea invaded south korea
The sector of the economy that grew most rapidly in the postwar era, surpasing the manufaturing and agricultural sectors
Big three wartime conference that later became the focus of charges that roosevelt had sold out eastern europe to the soviet communist
The extended post world war 2 confrontation between the united states and the soviet union
Cold War
New international orginization that experienced some early success in diplomatic and cultural areas but failed in areas like atomic arms control
United Nations
Term for the barrier that stalin erected to block off soviet dominated nations from western europe
Iron Curtain
The new anti-soviet organization of western nations which ended the long time american tradition of not joining permanent military alliances
The Korean War ended with
a stalemate armistice and constinued division of the north and south
Senator Joseph McCarthy's anticomunist crusade finally collapsed with
He attacked the US army for alleged communist influence
The precipitating event of MLK civil rights movement was
montgomery bus boycott
the primary impetus for civil rights within the federal government came from?
the supreme court
MLK civil rights orginization, the SCLC, rested on the institutionals foundation of
the black chruches
Eisenhowers basic approach to domestic economic policy was?
to trim back some New Deal programs but keep most in place
The united states first became involved in vietname by?
providing economic aid to the french colonialists fighting ho chi minh
President eisenhower forced britain, France, and Isreal to withdraw from their seizure of the suez canal by 1956 by
withholding american oil supplies from their allies
Besides encouraging a space race, the soviet union's successful sputnik satellite led americans to?
put anew emphasis on improving and funding education, especially in the sciences
Senator JFK's main issue in the campaign of 1960 was that?
the US had fallen behind the soviet union in prestige and power
The industry that provoked a bitter conflict with President Kennedy over price increases was
the steele industry
The first major foreign policy disaster of the Kennedy administration came when?
American backed cuban invaders were defeated at the bay of pigs
The cuban missile crisis ended when
the soviets agreed to pull all missisles in cuba and the united states agreed not to invade cuba
The kennedy administration was pushed into a stronger stand on civil rights by?
the civil rights movement led by the freedom riders and MLK
President Johnson was more successful in pushing economic and civil rights measures through congress than President kennedy because
the democrats gained overwhelming control of congress in the landslide of 1964
Vietnam was not a major issue in the presidential election of 1968 partly because
humphrey and nixon had few important differences on the war
One of the dominant attitudes of the 1960's youth culture that had deep roots in american history was?
distrust and hostility toward authority
Kennedy administartion program that sent youthful american volunteers to work in undeveloped countries
Peace corp
high barrier between the east and the west erected during the 1961 berlin crisis
Berlin wall

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