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Reform Act of 1832
Reformations of the Parliament House of Commons regarding elections and electoral abuses
Benjamin Disraeli
conservative British Prime Minister who served two terms
Confederation of the Rhine
16 German states formed by Napoleon after the defeat of Russia and Austria
a classless, stateless society based on common ownership and a person's desire to better society as a whole instead of interest in personal gain
Friedrich Engels
German socialist thinker who helped develop the communist theory
art and literature depicting the actuality of working class lives
Cult of Domesticity - Feminine Ideal
the idea that women were supposed to embody perfect virtue (piety, purity, submission, and domesticity)
Concert of Europe
a congregation of great European powers of the time to discuss problems without resorting to war
A political and economic theory that goods should be shared equally among the population rather than being assigned because of birth or talent
William Gladstone
liberal British Prime Minister who served four terms
The Communist Manifesto
book laying out a suggested course of action for the proletariat to overthrow the bourgeoisie and create a classless society with no privately owned property (communist society)
Technological Advanvement in Transportation
the steam engine allowed for trains, steamboats, and the invention of the airplane
a governmental system stressing the importance of the individual and limiting governmental involvement in the economy
national school systems established throughout Europe, starting with Prussia
Technological Advances in Warfare
guerilla war tactics
any person in the lower social class of the time
Charles Darwin
English scientist who brought up the idea that all species of life have evolved from common ancestors through natural selection
Technological Advances in Communication
telephone, telegraph
Utopian Socialists
the thought that a perfect communalist society could actually exist
Medical Advancements
anesthesia, disease awareness and prevention, surgery, identification of genetic disorders, disproving/improving of previously accepted and often incorrectly dangerous medical practices (ex-bloodletting)
politics based on practicality instead of ideologies
Otto von Bismark
minister-president of Prussia who oversaw the unification of Germany
Clemens von Metternich
German-Austrian politician essential in the distribution of power over the fall of Napoleon
artistic, literary, and intellectual movements in Europe during the second half of the 19th century
Franco-Prussian War
war between France and German states in 1870 which the German states won before unifying
Second Scientific Revolution
the exploration of data-driven sciences such as biology, electricity, magnetism, and chemistry
the belief that a person's country is superior to any other person's country
Women's Suffrage
political reform extending the right to vote to women
an ideology formed in response to liberalism
the equation of personal happiness to material wealth
Karl Marx
German socialist thinker who helped develop the communist theory
German customs union removing tariffs and customs
a belief supporting the abolition of government as a whole

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