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southern plan
japanese strategy of attacking european colonies on island of japan
rape of nanking
infamous genocidal war crime committed by japanese military in Nanjing. started in 1937 and lasted a few weeks. japanese army raped, stole and killed prisoners of war and civilians
coca cola
contains a large amount of sugar. the sugar was harvested in cuba. it became problematic after the embargo because cuba took back their property from US (ex united fruit company)
sierra maestra campaign
after fidel castro returned to cuba from exile in mexico. he and a few survivors from failed attack on moncada barracks hid out here
nanking decade
communist and nationalist expanded past southern china to gain more land and power. nationalists eventually realized they didn't need comm's so they fought/killed them
february revolution
revolution in russian empire in 1917. the tsarist regime overthrown by the bolshevick rule under lenin
view that society should be governed by concepts of military force/nature. discipline is highest level.
treaty of versailles
signed in 1919 and brought the end to ww1
payments that germans had to pay to cover the cost/debt of the warr (over 300 billion dollars) so they started to print excessive amt of money.
third reich
"kingdom." (holy roman empire, divided german states, hitlers reign)
aka communist international/3rd international. an international communist organization founded in moscow. intended to fight by all means for creation of the international soviet republic as a transition stage to complete abolition of the state.
japanese puppet state in manchuria and inner mongolia run by imperial chinese. majority of people were chinese. abolished after WW2
iron curtain
an actual physical border than separates russia by former soviet bloc and the west (during the cold war). it prevented freedom of travel and commun. between eastern and western europe.
majority faction of the russian social democratic party. renamed the communist party bc they got power in the revolution of 1917
domino theory
political event in one country will cause similiar event in neighboring countries. ex. the web of alliances made after ww2
new form of agriculture made by Lysenko. switching farms over to this caused massive famine
united fruit company
trying to monopolize trade in central america by regulating all rights to the railroad and boston fruit company. they need help with exportation and land for growing bananas. guatemala gave them a 99 yr contracts to control of rr's and to the only atlantic port. america is a major corporation that traded these fruits that sold in US and europe
scientific racism. more based on selective breeding. idea that by selective breeding they could produce a superior race. and get rid of those that didnt fit the qualities
herero genocide
(pre holocaust).. after war, africans (colonized by germans) were driven inito the african desert. some were brough back to work at concent. camps, many were killed.
warlord era
stationed in each reqion of china. they controlled basically all of their region (by military force)
final solution
nazi policy of exterminating european jews introduced by himmler. resulted in murder of millions of jews
policy the US used during the red scare. government wanted to control communism so it wouldn't spread
concept in social sciences refers to process when a society goes through industrialization, urbanization and other social changes that completely transforms lives of individuals.
us federal agency who coordinated government intelligence activities formed because of red scare. undercover agents sent to other countries they thought comm. was forming
banana wars
us tried to secure banana markets by interventions in central and south america using troops to preserve the connection.
MAD (mutually assured destruct)
if US and russia were to use nuclear weapons on eachother
red scare
period in US when there was a suspicion of communism and fear of widespread infultration of communists in the US gvnt
type of farming system where laborers were not compensated by wages, but a share in farms net productivity. ussr did this first, it was forced
united nations
internation organization of countries set up to promote international peace, security and cooperation. (1945)
long march
nationalists tried to use military force to conquer communists living space. communists traveled 8000 miles.
cuban missile crisis
international. closest to nuclear war at any time between US and USSR and CUBA during cold war. but jfk and soviet leader decided to call off nuclear war.
red terror
campaign of mass arrests, deportations, executions conducted by the bolshevicks gvt in early soviet russia
japanese militarism
ideology that military should dominate political and social life of nation. "strength of military equals strength of nation"
relating to a system of gvt that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete obedience to the state.
"living space." hitler said germans need a place to thrive; could be obtained by force if necessary
operation of pb success
cia hired mercenaries to take down the head of guatemala. spread propoganda and bombed. he knew he couldnt fight back against uf so he stepped down
5 year plan
a gvt plan for economic development over 5 yrs especially in former USSR. in china, used 5 yr plan to industrialize agricultural country

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