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Honors US History 2nd Semester SG(Part2)


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What were the events of the Korean War?
U.S. was surrounded, then McCarther and UN land at Inchon, behind the lines. Kenedy whants to save whole country after reaching around the 38th parallel, McCarther gets fired for disagreeing, China comes in, we want to end the war. The 38th parallel becomes no-mans land.
What is McCarthyism?
The Red Scare of communism. People thought to be communist or to know communist were questioned and blacklisted.
What was the impact of Sputnik?
Sputnik got the U.S. to invest more money in science and math and in trying to get to the moon.
What were some factors that helped JFK win the 1960 election?
The use of Television in campaigning was very helpful in getting JFK the win in the 1960 election.
What finding was announced by the Warren Commission?
Lee Harvey Oswald had worked alone in the JFK asassination.
Describe the agreement that ended the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis?
The U.S. promised to not invade Cuba if the U.S.S.R. took out the weapons implanted there.
7. What were some controversial decisions handed by the Warren Court?
Seperate but equal didn't work. Brown v. Education.
Identify some Great Society legislative acts.
The Civil Rights act of '64 and '68, Voting Rights Act of '65. Job Corps, VISTA(sent people to help others like peace corps), Food Stamps, Federal Aid to schools. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. Environmental legislation.
When did Martin Luther King Jr. first come to national prominence?
Montgomery Bus Boycott
What was the Brown decision?
In Brown v. Board of Edu., the Supreme Court ruled segregation in public schools was NOT ALLOWED! Seprate but equal was not legal.
What is de facto segregation?
Segregation by tradition not by law; for example, when white people would not let blacks live in their neighborhoods like in RIS.
What did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 outlaw?
The Voting Rights Act of '65 outlawed Litteracy Taxes and other Jim Crow laws relating to segregaion in voting.
Describe the methods of Martin Luther King, Jr.?
Non-violent deference, he followed the ways of Ghandi
Why was the tactic of “sit-ins” was MOST effective during Civil Rights demonstrations?
"Sit-ins" were most effective since they hurt businesses economicaly(it hurt them not to sell)
What were the “Long, Hot Summers”?
The summers in the 1960's where there were several Riots, and the racial unease was not helped by the weather.
What was accomplished by the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made it so there couldn't be segregation in public places or in business.
Which president was in office during the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965?
What was the United States’ MAIN goal in Vietnam?
What incident led to Lyndon Johnson escalating American involvement in Vietnam by sending more than 550,000 American soldiers to actively fight the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese?
Tonkin Gulf, and then the Tonkin Gulf Resolution.
In the early days of the Vietnam War, why did some Americans considered the draft to be unfair?
It was a working class war, since almost anyone with enough money could get a draft deferment by going to college.
21. What effect did the Tet Offensive have on President Lyndon Johnson?
It made him not seek nominations for another term as president. Thus, resigning from the race.
Describe President Nixon’s Vietnam War policy.
Vietnamization, or taking out troops, while expanding the air war and invading Cambodia.
What event led to the student demonstrations at Kent State University that resulted in the deaths of four students?
The invasion of Cambodia led to student riots, like those at Kent State.
What was the MAIN purpose of the War Powers Act?
The main purpose of the War Powers Act was to limit the presidents war making powers.
When did the Vietnam War finally (completely) end?
April 30, 1975
What did the Twenty-sixth Amendment accomplish?
18 years to vote.
What was the primary reason that the Watergate scandal led to President Nixon’s downfall?
Nixon was involved in the cover-up.
Who is the ONLY president to have served by appointment rather than election?
Gerald Ford
29. What was the main objective of the foreign policy of détente?
Ease Cold War tensions. Started w/ Nixon and Kissenger, continued when Gerald Ford continued to use Kissenger.
Place the following in order:
a. Nixon reelected
b. "plumbers⬝ arrested
c. Nixon resigns
d. Nixon pardoned
e. articles of impeachment adopted
b."plumbers" arrested
a.Nixon reelected
e.articles of impeachment
c.Nixon resigns
d.Nixon pardoned
What was happening in the following areas during the Reagan-Bush years?
a. interest rates
b. homelessness
c. the number of AIDS cases
d. the income gap between whites and African Americans
a.Interest rates decreased
b.Homelessness increaseed
c.# of AIDS cases increased
d.Gap between rich and poor increased
What was Jimmy Carter’s major foreign policy accomplishment?
He led a peace treaty signing between Israel and Egypt at Camp David.
Energy became a major political issue during what decade?
What was the main goal of the program known as Star Wars?
Protect the U.S. from nuclear threat.
According to the theory of supply-side economics, what is the first step toward creating a healthy economy?
Have low taxes so there can be more money to spend on the economy.
What was the major reason that President George Bush responded forcefully to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait?
Our oil was at risk.
What is NAFTA?
North American Free Trade Agreement, added Mexico.
What 20th-century population trend is seen as posing the greatest challenge to the Social Security system?
Longer life-span, lots of baby boomers retireing
Which two Presidents were impeached, but not removed from
Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton.

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