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History 8: Rivals: Sparta


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How were Spartan women brought up?
To be as healthy and strong as possible. Female infants received as much food as their brothers.
How long did the Spartans stay in control?
about 250 years.
What did Spartans think of city walls?
A city defended by Spartan soldiers did not need walls.
What were the two leading city-states in Greece?
Sparta & Athens
What did Spartan women want to be?
mothers of soldiers
What did government officials do with infants?
They checked to see if they were healthy, if not they were left on the hillside to die.
What was the life of a Spartan man like?
At 20, they became soldiers and sent to frontier areas. At 30, they married. they spent their days in military drill until 60, when they could retire from the army.
Who were the perioikoi?
A group of free individuals who were artists and merchants from the conquered territories. They worked for the Spartans.
Where was Sparta located?
In the Peloponnesus, a peninsula of southern Greece.
What was the Assembly?
A government body, made up of male citizens over 30, it passed laws & made decisions concerning war & peace.
Where Spartan women allowed to take part in government?
What was its economy based on?
Did Sparta lag far behind other city-states?
Yes, because they didn't like change. So, they were behind in economic development -used iron bars instead of coins (wanted to discourage trade, be self-reliant). They were not interested in philosophy, science & the arts..
What did life in Sparta revolve around?
the army.
Did the citizens of Sparta and Athens participate in polis government?
At first who ruled Sparta?
2 kings, who lead the army & religious services - but had little power.
How were the Spartans exceptional?
As Olympic athletes and as soldiers in defending Greece against invaders.
How did Spartan girls train?
in gymnastics, wrestling & boxing.
How were Sparta and Athens different?
They differed in their values, cultures & accomplishments.
When did Spartan women marry?
When they were 19 - instead of 14 - because their children would be healthier.
What was the life of a Spartan boy like?
At 7, they left home for the military barracks. Trained to read, write and use weapons.
What was the Council of Elders?
28 men over 60 who proposed laws to the Assembly & served as the supreme court.
In the polis of Sparta, what were slaves called?
Helots. They farmed the estates of individual Spartans.
Who founded Sparta?
The descendants of the Dorian invaders of the "dark age".
What did the helots do about 650 BC?
They revolted against the Spartan masters. Spartans won after 30 years and established a military society.
Who were the ephors?
5 overseers elected by the Assembly every year to administer public affairs & veto legislation.
Did Spartan women have more personal freedoms than women in other city-states?
Yes, they could go shopping in the marketplace, attend dinners with non-family members, own property, express opinions on public issues.
What did Spartan men want to be?
first rate soldiers.
Did the helots and perioikoi out number the Spartans?
Yes, by about 200,000 to 10,000.
Who set up Sparta's government?
a lawmaker named Lycurgus in the 800s BC.
What did the Spartans do INSTEAD of founding overseas colonies?
They invaded neighboring city-states & enslaved local people.

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