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Exit Level TAKS Science Objective 1


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A Good Experiment should have?
One Variable; More than one setup; A control group
What is an Control group?
A control Group is use for comparison with the experimental group. It must have consisent factors - nothing is changed with this group
What is an Experimental Group?
An experimental group is the group that has the variable that will be compared with the control Group.
What is a variable?
Is the differnt factor between a control group and experimental group. Note: everything else should be the same.
What is a consistent factor?
All remaning factors must be consistent and the same between both the experimental and control group.
What is a Hypothesis?
Possible answer or explanation that can be tested.
What is a conclusion?
When you consult the results of the experiment and determine if the results support the hypothesis; involves thinking, Uses statement "because" Possible explanation
What is the sciencetific Inquiry process?
OHEAT: Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment, Analyze Data, conclusion and theory.
What is an observation?
uses your senses, uses tool or number, calculations and measurements
Do observations or conclusions appear in the results section?
Why should there be only one variable?
It would make it simpler to figure out what caused the change. It would be able to compare the two groups more accurately.
Why should an experiment be done twice? Give Example?
Because the setup could have a deformation and cause an experimentant error. This could affect the outcome of the experiment. Give example?
How can results be described in the results section?
Date; Observation; Drawings
What information should be reported in the discussion of your results?
Question; Restae your hypothesis; Was hypothesis supported by results; Any source of error; Conclusion - one sentence
What is a dependent variable?
The dependent variable will vary depending on what happens to the independent variable. Graphed on Y-axis
What is an independent variable?
The independent variable does not change. Changes to the independent variable can change the dependent variable. Graphed on X-axis.
Infer or Inferencing
explain or interpretting things you observe
Predicting or Prediction
making a forecast of what will happen in the future
Quantitative Data
Actual numerical data (measurements, etc.)
Qualitative Data
What does it look like, often from senses
When should you start preparing for a lab?
1 day before (at least)
If you are unclear about something in science class/lab what should you do?
Ask the teacher
Measurements are made in science using what system?
Metric (SI) system
What is a theory?
General explanation of a set of observations about the natural world; supported by lots of data collected from many different experiments and observations
What is a manipulated variable?
Same as independent variable: variable changed during experiment
What is a responding variable?
Same as dependent variable: the variable you measure or observe during the experiment
What type of metric unit would be used for mass?
What type of metric unit would be used for volume?
Liters or cubic centimeters
What type of metric unit would be used for distance?
What are models?
Representation of objects

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