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European History Chapter 15, Section 3


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Communist party newspaper; name means "Truth"
the only high-ranking women to serve in Lenin's govt
Alexandra Kollontai
Jewish poet who was tortured and imprisoned for criticizing Stalin
Osip Mandelstam
one of Russia's great poets who was forced to write in secret
Anna Akhmatova
Soviet writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature; wrote And Quiet Flows the Don
Mikhail Sholokhov
a form of govt in which a one-party dictatorship regulates all parts of citizens' lives
totalitarian state
the belief that there is no god
a kind of art showing Soviet life in a positive light
socialist realism
terror tactics, propaganda, and war against religion were all methods Stalin use to create what?
a totalitarian state
Who became the new elite in Russia?
The Communist Party
How did the Soviet government make sure that most writers and artists conformed to the style of socialist realism?
censorship and persecution
The differences between the two were: in communism, 1) women were given equality and 2) new education opportunities were available. The similarities were: 1) the social order, despite different categories, was almost identical and 2) the standard of livi
Life under Stalin vs. under the Czars
What was the name for art that only showed Soviet life in a positive light?
Socialist realist art
Who had the best apartments, could shop in special stores with the best products, and wore good shoes!
The Comunist party, aka "the elite"

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