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chapter 21 sect. 1


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people elected government
public netherlands religion
phillips gray granite palace. had massive walls, huge gates that demonstrated his power
where all teuropean monarchs get the money to pay for their ambitions
el greco
real name was dominiko thotokopoulos, his work puzzled ppl of his time
religion phillip believed he had to defend against muslims and protestants
rembrandt van rijn
greatest dutch artist of this time
lower class
spains tax burden fell on
phillip II
ferdiands son
all charles V ruled from 1520-1566
spain, spain's american colonies, parts of italy, lands in austria, netherlands
louis XIV of france
most famous absolute ruler
who was queen of england at this time
absolute monarch
king or queen held all the power and answer to no one
in 1556 charles V did this
divided his immense empire and retired to a monastery
between 1/4 and 1/5
king of spain claimed this much of gold and silver as his share
divine right
idea that God created this monarchy and that the monarch acted as God's representative on earth
charles V brother was
this happende in 1588
phillip II launched spainsh armada in an attempt to punish protestant england and its queen, elizabeth
known for painting portraits of the royal family and scenes of court life
churches had broken down
how the church affect the power of monarchs
peace of augsburg
in 1555 charles V signed this, but didnt wasnt for it
absolute ruler
related everything from religious workship to social gatherings
austria and holy roman empire
ferdinand inherited
spain, spanish netherlands, american colonies
ferdinand inherited this
miguel de cervantes
wrote don quixote
became the new center of art
don quixote de la mancha
publication of this novel is called the birth of the modern european novel
spanish netherlands religion
windmills, thought they were giants
cervantes chased these
why the middle class supported monarchs
monarch promised peaceful, supportive climate for business
caused netherlands to divide
one problem caused by spain recieving so much gold in the new world
religious tolerance and divided into prvinces
2 ways the united provinces of netherlands different from other european states at this time
replaced italians as "bankers of europe"
this happened when the king of portugal died in 1580
phillip was kings nephew and he siezed the portuguese kingdom

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