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Physical Science: Voc. Test #12


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The process by which a nucleus splits into two or more smaller fragments, releasing neutrons and energy.
What is Fission? (231)
The area along a fault at which slippage first occurs, initiating an earthquake.
What is the Focus? (568)
The cause of an acceleration, or change in an object's velocity.
What is Force? (262)
Any fuels formed from the remains of ancient plant and animal life.
What are Fossil Fuels? (639)
The traces or remains of a plant or animal found in sedimentary rock.
What are Fossils? (578)
The motion of a body when only the force of gravity is acting on it.
What is Free Fall? (271)
The number of vibrations that occur in a 1s time interval (Sound Theory)
What is Frequency? (367)
The force between two objects in contact that opposes the motion of either object.
What is Friction? (265)
The boundary between air masses of different densities.
What is a Front? (613)
An electrical device containing a metal strip that melts when current in the circuit becomes too great.
What is a Fuse? (452)

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