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Stage manager plays this at the wedding
Joe Starks
Janies second husband; mayor of Eatonville
What do Georges George's parents think this of the wedding
They are too young
Mr. Wolfsheim
Gambler; fixed the 1919 World Series; has a cufflink of molars; lives in Gatsby's house
somewhere i have never traveled gladly beyond"
E.E. Cummings
East Egg
Old Money
Henry C Gatz
Gatsby's Dad
Both the Webb and Gibbs houses are two story houses.
in 1924-1925; Long Island New York
younger sister of George
Mr. Webb
Emily's father
Janie never knew her mother and father.
Joe Crowell
town paperboy who will die in the war in France
Act 1
Daily Life
Owl Eyes
Drunk man who Nick meets at at Gatsby's party; says the books are real' only one to attend Gatsby's funeral
Annie Tyler
All money taken by who her husband
Pheoby grows an amazing 10 feet after hearing Janie's story.
Their Eyes Were Watching God was written during the English Renaissance.
George gives up baseball to get married to Emily.
Act III is set....
in the cemetary
Their Eyes Were Watching God is considered a "frame story."
"The Starry Night"
Anna Sexton
Valley of ashes
death; a dumping ground
"We Wear the Mask"
Paul Lawrence Dunbar
Joe Starks served as mayor, postmaster, landlord, and storekeeper in Eatonville.
Logan Killicks
First husband(arranged by marriage)
George's goal in life is to be a professional baseball player.
The Lost Generation
Post war writers that left a sense of dislocation and alienation. They felt the real America had been lost or dostorted.
was an artistic and literary movement of the early 20th century that championed experimentation, technicality, primitivism, impersonalism, aestheticism, and intellectualism
Actors demonstrate props by
"The Negro Speaks of Rivers"
Langston Hughes
The novel begins with Janie returning to the house she shared with Logan Killicks.
Daisy's friend; a golfer; eventually falls in love with Nick; cynical; boyish. self centered; dishonest; she cheated in order to win her first golf tournament and continually bends the truth
Janie believed Logan Killicks was not meant to be loved.
"The Slump"
John Updike
Daisy's husband; wealthy and lives in East Egg: once was a member of the Yale's social club with Nick; arrogant and hypocritical; has affair with Myrtle; sturdy. straw haired man of 30
grandmother wanted her to marry for protection rather than love.
The Everglades
South Florida; on the muck:hurricane
Act 3
"Yet Do I Marvel"
Countee Cullen
Myrtle Wilson
George's wife; Tom's mistress; Broke her nose by Tom; plump; killed by Toms car driven by Daisy
After dying, Simon had a much brighter outlook on life.
Dr. Gibbs
George's father
Mrs. Soames
considered the town gossip
Act 2
Love and Marraige
Stage Manager
omniscient narrator of the play
Howie Newsome
town's milkman
Nick's second cousin and Tom's wife; the woman Gatsby loves; from Louisville where she met Gatsby; was supposed to wait for Gatsby but instead married Tom; lives in East Egg; drove the car the hit and killed Myrtle; in love with money
George Wilson
Myrtle's husband; owns an auto repair garage; loves and idealizes Myrtle
"Green Light"
Gatsby's feeling towards Daisy;the closeness of Daisy though she is far away
Simon Stimson dies
Year of first act
Janie left Logan Killicks for a man named Tea Cake Woods.
Does NOT give background information of the town to the audience
Dr. Gibbs
Mrs. Gibbs
George's mother
The Stage Manager plays the role of Mr. Morgan.
"The Richer the Poorer"
Dorthy West
"How it Feels to be Colored Me"
Zora Hurston
Play's setting
New Hampshire...Grovers Corner
Eatonville, Florida
Joe starks is major.
"This is Just to Say"
William Carlos Williams
Poem; a lyric peom that presents a single vivid picture in words
Carl Sandburg
Gatsby's shirts
to show Daisy that he can take care of her; wealth
"Morning Song"
Sylvia Path
: At the beginning of the novel Janie is criticized for wearing the same blue-satin dress she had left in years before.
Eatonville was named after Captain Eaton who owned he land.
Clock Gatsby knocks over
akwardness, nervousness
"Constantly Risking Absurdity"
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Emily flashback to when "knew they were meant for one another
Colors silver and gold
Tea Cake Woods
Janies 3rd husband; work in the everglades
Janie loved everything about being Mrs. Mayor.
Emily's cousin, who comes from out of town for the funeral, is named Joe Stoddard.
When George moves out, George's mother is concerned
he will get sick
moves to Jacksonville to being a new life as a single and independent woman.
Gatsby's car
very intelligent girl who wants to make speeches all her life
"Home Burial"
Robert Frost
The main topic of conversation on the porch of the Eatonville store was Matt Bonner's mule.
Mending Wall"
Robert Frost
Wally dies of
burst appendix
Act II takes
Emily and George's wedding
Janie's best friend in Eatonville
"Those Winter Sundays"
Robert Hayden
Editor of the town paper
Mr. Webb
Janies grandmother; arranged marriage for janies Protection
Emily dies
giving birth
Prof. Willard
gives details of the town's history
upbeat and fit to the themes of the chapters
star baseball player with a career goal of being a farmer
"the boarder"; came to Gatsby's party; helped gatsby gain his fortune
At the start of the play, George & Emily are in high school.
Emily wishes to relive
her 12th birthday
Narrator; young man from Minnesota; educated in Yale; faught in WW1 in the Ninth Machine-Gun Battalion of the Third Division: came to New York to learn the bond buisness; next door neighbor to Gatsby;Is tolerant, openminded, quiet, and a good listener; falls in love with Jordan Baker
Mrs. Gibbs dies of
"Any Human to Another"
Countee Cullen
Mrs. Webb
Emily's mother
Emily's goal in life was to get married.
Jacksonville, Florida
Janie and Tea Cake get married here
: In Act II, the job of paperboy had been taken over by Si Crowell.
Wolfsheim's cuff links
wealth; money is repulsive
Protagonist; walthy young man living in West Egg(new money): famous for the lavish parties he holds every saturday: fought in WW1 in the seventh Infantry of the Third Division; attend Oxford for 5 months; in love with Daisy Buchanan
James Gatz
Gatsby's real name; from North Dakota and was really not rich
Stream of Conciousness
writing that attempts to render the flow of feelings, throughts, and impressions, within the minds of characters
At the start of the play Dr. Gibbs in coming home from delivering twins.
Dr. T.J's Eyes
Eyes of God; overlook everything that happend
Dan Cody
Taught Gatsby about money and let him inherit his money that he never got.
Simon Stimson
town is concerned about this character's drinking problem
"The Love Story of J. Alfred Prufrock"
TS Elliot
West Egg
New Money
The pattern of arrangement of words in a statement. Poets often vary the syntax of ordinary speech or experiment with usual syntactic arrangements
Zora Neale Hurston grew up in Eatonville, Florida.
was in the book that Mr. Gatz showed; how hardworking Gatsby was to achieve wealth
"I, too, Sing America"
Langston Hughes
Emily's brother
"The Red Wheelbarrow"
William Carlos Williams
Joe Stoddard
town's undertaker

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