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Cosmetology - Shampooing, Rinsing, & Conditioning


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This is the primary purpose of shampooing in the salon.
To Cleanse the Hair and Scalp
What should you consider when choosing a shampoo?
The condition of the Client's hair
What does the pH level indicate?
Whether a solution is Acid or Alkaline
Jheri Redding was the first salon industry to market "pH Balanced Shampoo" which are more what?
Fresh water is purified by what?
Sedimentation and Filtration
The softness or hardness of the water is related to what?
Amountof Minerals Present
This is the main ingredient of Shampoo.
Purified Water
The effectiveness of Surfactants is due to what?
The Surfactant Molecule
How do Surfactant molecules work?
Lifting off oil and dirt into the water
The highest dollar expenditure for hair care products is for what?
What is the pH in acid-balanced shampoo?
Between 4.5 and 5.5
Conditioning shampoos contain agents that restore moisture and elasticity and add ___.
Medicated shampoos can be very strong and in some cases must what?
Sit on the scalp for a longer period of time
Clarifying shampoos contain acidic ingredients that do what?
Cut through product buildup
Dry Sampooing is recommended for who?
Elderly clients
A shampoo that combines a surfactant base with basic colors is what?
Color-enhancing Shampoo
A temporary remedy for hair that is dry or damaged is what?
The texture and structures of the hair are controlled by what?
Heredity, Health, and Diet
Rinse-through finishing rinses are useful for what?
Detangling hair after washing
For repair and treatment, deep, penetrating conditioners must be left on the hair for how long?
10-20 Minutes
What do most conditioners contain?
The cuticle of the hair is the outermost layer and is made up of what?
Overlapping Scales
Instant conditioners fall in the pH range of 3.5 to 6.0 and are used for what?
To restore the pH Balance
Scalp astringent lotion is a conditioning agent applied to the scalp to what?
Remove Oil Accumulation
Quaternary Ammonium compounds are included in the formulas of moisturizers for their ability to what?
Attach to Hair Fibers
To increase hair diameter slightly, choose a what?
Protein Conditioner
Concentrated protein conditioners are designed to what?
Penetrate the Cortex
Hair treated with a concentrated protein conditioner has all of these qualities:
Equalized Porosity, Improved Appearance, and Increased Elasticity
Deep conditioning treatments are the chosen therapy when ____ is needed.
Equal Moisturizing & Protein Treatment
To protect the hair from the harmful effects of blow-drying & electric rollers, use what?
Spray-on Thermal Protectors
If your client has a dry scalp, the condition may be helped by a what?
Scalp Conditioner
For a client with straight, fine hair, this product would not be recommended.
Acid-Balanced Shampoo
Correct hair brushing stimulates blood circulation to the scalp and helps what?
Remove dust, dirt, and spray build-up
Brushing should be part of most hair services except before a what?
Chemical Service
The most highly recommended hairbrushes are made from what?
Natural Bristles
The best method for hairbrushing is to what?
Part it into sections
One method of providing scalp stimulation is what?
Scalp massage is an extra that keeps your clients coming back and to be successful it's important to what?
Know the location of Blood Vessels
Scalp manipulation techniques include all of the following:
Sliding and rotating movement, Spine Movement, and Relaxing Movement
The most important thing to remember concerning posture while is shampooing is to what?
Kepp your shoulders back
All of the following items are used during shampooing:
Comb and Hairbrush, Shampoo Cape, and Towels
Part of shampoo preparation is to what?
Examine the Client's Hair and Scalp
When performing the shampoo service, an important consideration is what?
The water temperature
During a shampoo, when manipulating the scalp, use firm pressure if what?
The Client has Healthy Hair and Scalp
After applying small quantities of shampoo, the next step in the shampoo process is to what?
Manipulate the Scalp
Part of the clean up and sanitation process at the end of shampooing is what?
Disinfecting Combs and Brushes
Following shampooing and rinsing, the next step is to what?
Apply a Conditioner
After applying a conditioner:
Gently comb it through the hair
When applying a deep conditioning treatment, you may have to what?
Place the Client under a Heated Dryer
After shampooing, chemically treated hair tends to what?
Begin with a shampoo, brushing, and scalp massage when you are doing what?
When using dry shampoo for a client with a health problem, apply it how?
Directly onto the hair
When servicing clients with special needs, always do what?
Ask for their preference
The purpose of a general scalp treatment is what?
Keeping the Scalp Clean and Healthy
Is vigorously brushing the scalp part of a normal hair and scalp treatment?
A dry hair and scalp treatment is recommended for who?
A cleint with a defiency of natural oil
This is a useful appliance for a dry hair and scalp treatment?
A Scalp Steamer
Kneading the scalp to increase blood circulation is helpful to what?
Normalize Overactive Sebaceous Glands
During a dandruff treatment, an effective therapy is what?
High-Frequency Current

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