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Health Test Chapter 1-4


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You do NOT need this to have good health.
Psychological Counseling
What are 3 common health issues that teenagers face today?
Depression, Suicide, and STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases.)
These are the feelings a person feels when a person has HIGH SELF-ESTEEM
Feels Self-Confident, is able to give and recieve love, and is able to make good decisions.
Self Esteeem Begins to Develop at this age.
Media plays a role in self esteem and how we see ourselves in these ways.
Showing people who are pretty or Handsome, People who are tall and thin, and people who have "Perfect" Bodies.
True or False: Parents, Media and Peers can make us think nicely or badly of ourselves.
If your idea of a "Perfect Man" is tall, strong and Muscular, you might be influenced by these things.
Magazines, TV, Movies etc.
If you are not afraid to fail, and are not afraid to try new things, you might think this way about YOURSELF.
You have High Self-Esteem
In looking at your self esteem and your body Image you will do well if you fall into this group.
People of all cultures and body types.

A person's self esteem can be changed.
You can take these steps to change your physical image.
diet, exercise, (grooming) brushing your hair, teeth, wearing clean clothes.
What will help to raise your self esteem?
choose what to change, accept yourself, don't judge yourself, and keep your goals at a level where you can meet them.
When you accept yourself you do the following things.
See yourself as special, set real goals, stop judging yourself.
True or False:
If you tell yourself "I CAN" then you will start to raise your self-esteem.
If you are offered drugs or alcohol and you choose not to accept them while you say to yourself "I don't need those to have fun." How do you feel and what did you do to make the scene better?
Use Positive Self Talk,
Have High Self Esteem, turn away from peer pressure.
True or False:
Giving you the chance to share you feelings without pressure from others is a benefit of a support group.
Telling someone something meaningful might help improve self esteem how?
Allows others to help you to feel better by fixing any negative thoughts of themselves.
True or False: When you act with Trust and Honor, you have high self esteem.
If you make a list of the things that are good about you, keep a positive attitude, and don't try to change things that can't be changed you might help yourself to do this.
Raise your self esteem
In this type of stress, you get headaches and might be angry alot.
Physical Stress
In this type of stress, your mood might change alot, you might feel confused, or you might have bad dreams.
Mental Stress
You're about to give a presentation. All of a sudden, you start to lose your voice and your throat get's dry. Your experience is a response to this.
True or False:
Stressors can be the result of self-esteem, daily living and/or positive and negative situations.
True or False

Too Much stress for a long time can cause these things.
more illness, headaches, heart disease.
You can prebent the negative effects of stress using these methods.
Exercise, eat well, use relaxation methods.
True or False:
A good way to manage stress is to SLEEP.
When you are stressed and you use deep breathing and think about the word calm you are doing this.

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