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Battle of Tours
Franks defeat the Moors in 732
search for heretics (they hunt down the people who don't believe in the Catholic Church)
Magna Carta
'Great Charter' made law supreme power
Norman Conquest
Edward the Confessor died-William the Conqueror crossed the English Channel with Normandy knights he won and became king
Black Death
plague swept through Europe in 1347
Treaty of Nantes
edict issued by Henry IV that guarenteed freedom of worship and political rights ended the religious wars
movement after Middle Ages, the 'rebirth'
religious revolution split the church and created new churches
attempt by Catholics to return church to emphasis spiritual matters
Council of Trent
meeting of Church leaders in the 1500s made to clearly define the beliefs of the Catholic Church for the Counter-Reformation
Scientific Revolution
transformation of thinking observation, experimentation, and questioning of traditional explainations
period in 1700s when philosophers apply scientific method and use reason
expeditions by Christias to regain the Holy Land from the Muslims
Industrial Revolution
period of the 1700s where power driven machines began to do much of the work people used to do by hand

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