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Questions I got wrong on AR exam #6


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Which WISC subtests are considered to be most resistant to brain injury &, therefore, the best indicators of premorbid intelligence?
Vocabulary, Information, & Picture Completion subtests
The medication considered most effective for the treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is:
an antidepressant
Why do antidepressants work for OCD?
increase serotonin
Lithium is used to treat?
mood disorders like mania
Disulfiram is the generic name for...
Diazepam as well as the other "pams" are which type of drug?
sedatives (benzodiazephines)
agnosia is a loss of sensory or ...
not knowing
The major threat to internal validity of a time-series quasi-experiment would be...
Approximately what percentage of those now entering the labor force are racial/ethnic minorities & women?
High levels of serotonin have been linked to what 2 things __ while low levels have been linked to what 2 things __
both appetite suppression & anxiety

depression & binge eating
Alcohol consumption during the first trimester is more likely to cause...
structural & anatomical defects, characteristic of FAS
Consumption during the second and third trimesters is more likely to result in...
growth restriction & functional impairment
The stages of the Minority Identity Development (MID) model developed by Atkinson, Morten, and Sue (1994) reflect changes in...
The error inherent in the best fit regression line is called the standard error of the...
A person taking an MAO inhibitor must always avoid consuming high in the amino acid tyramine. Give 3 examples:
aged cheese, beer/wine, & packaged soup
Standard error of the estimate fits into the category of...
correlation coefficient & regression
Standard error fits into the category of...
experiments and samples
Standard error of measurement fits into the category of...
reliability of a test
A child's first word happens around age...
10-16 months
Children become able to use language to express a thought around age...
18 months
3 common co-diagnoses of Panic Disorder w/Agoraphobia are...
panic disorder, specific phobia, & generalized anxiety disorder
1. Adolescent suicide highest for.. 2. Middle Aged suicide highest for.. 3. Elderly males suicide highest for.. 4. Elderly females suicide highest for..
Native Americans
Reticular Activating System, regulates sleep but which part of the brain regulates the circadian rhythm (i.e., the biological clock)?
The 3 most consistent predictors of adolescent suicide are?
Depression, use of drugs/alcohol, & antisocial behavior
A behavior therapist would view anxiety from which type of perspective?
classical conditioning
Brain imaging techniques have identified abnormalities in which 2 areas among people with Tourette Syndrome, Autistic Disorder, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?
frontal lobes & basal ganglia
Before you can refer a former patient you must be sure they are...
Chodorow uses the principles of object relations theory to show that girls are taught..
to stay attached to their same sex mother while boys are taught to differentiate from their mothers
In most patients, the earliest signs of Huntington's disease are...
depression & forgetfulness
According to current research, an effective treatment for panic attacks is..
Brain fiber tearing called shearing is hard to detect with?
Ultrasound techniques
Which of the following statements regarding gender and leadership style is true?
Women tend to use more of a participatory leadership style, while men tend to use more of an autocratic style
One of the most consistent findings of the research on client factors in the therapy process is that...
higher levels of intelligence predict better therapy outcomes
Following a closed head injury that causes a significant concussion, a patient would most likely display..
shifting attention and forgetfulness
How long does sensory memory, retain information?
less than 2 seconds
Relationship between functional nocturnal enuresis and sleep is..
no association with any particular stage of sleep
Tasks which require a high degree of creativity tend to be performed better...
The Acute phase of Antidepressant treatment is generally...
4-6 weeks
Which of the Big Five personality traits (CANOE) is least stable over time? Which is most stable?
neuroticism, extraversion
According to social learning theory, job training would be most effective when using:
behavioral modeling
In a court-ordered evaluation the evaluator:
does not need to obtain informed consent but must inform the evaluatee of the intended use of the evaluation
How is covert modeling different from covert sensitization?
covert modeling involves imagining others engaging in a behavior, while covert sensitization involves imagining oneself engaging in the behavior
A child diagnosed with Attention -Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is most likely to also be diagnosed with:
Conduct Disorder
Biofeedback aimed at increasing relaxation is being used to control which body system?
parasympathetic nervous system
Hypnosis would least likely be used in the treatment of:
For a diagnosis of Bulimia Nervosa, a person must have a history of binge eating and...
inappropriate compensatory behavior for at least three months
Which of the following neurotransmitters is most frequently associated with movement?
When a person with deep dyslexia is presented with the written word "cat," he is most likely to respond with?
a response that is similar in meaning to the target word
A student who is aware of the serial position effect, should pay more attention to:
material studied during the middle of a study session
The second stage of Alzheimer's Dementia is characterized by:
inability to perform complex tasks and impaired explicit memory
Anxiety and depression share which common symptom?
negative affect
Women who have multiple roles appear to be at __ risk for depression
According to Marlatt and Gordon, which of the following most increases the chance of relapse in a substance abuser?
negative affects
Self-absorption is characteristic of the cognitive and information processing style of both...
anxious & depressed people
What is required for perception of an object to occur?
focused attention
When minimum cutoff procedures are used in selection tests of standard cognitive abilities, one would expect...
adverse impact on minority applicants
The ratio of Major Depressive Disorder in females to males is approximately...
Transactional leaders who wait for mistakes to be brought to their attention before taking corrective action are engaging in...
passive management-by-exception
Digit span, arithmetic, and letter-number sequencing subtests on the WAIS-III are used to calculate which indice?
working memory
Cognitive therapy is more effective than __ but equal in effectiveness to __
insight-oriented therapy

interpersonal therapy & anti-depressant medication
The psychiatric diagnosis most associated with completed suicide is..
Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent, With Psychotic Features
Stuart's operant interpersonal therapy encourages couples to focus on what 2 things:
positive aspects of each other & to use reciprocal reinforcement ("quid pro quo")
Goal-setting theory predicts that the specific goals results in the greatest __
effort and performance
A high level of expressed emotion by family members has been found to be predictive of relapse for which 3 disorders?
mood disorders, schizophrenia, & eating disorders
Which of the following brain structures could be described as a "satisfaction center"?
cingulate gyrus
The use of "pooled variance" in statistics assumes that:
the population variances are equal
How is Lazarus' theory of emotion different from Cannon-Bard's & James Lange's theories?
Lazarus’ theory proposes that a thought must precede any emotion or physiological arousal
Kohut states to help the narcissistic client develop a more healthy, cohesive sense of self, the therapist must provide...
Maternal malnutrition in the third trimester seems to have its most severe negative impact on the...
Chest pain, tachycardia, shortness of breath, & refusal to go to school in adolescence may indicate?
panic disorder
From the perspective of Lewin's field theory, the focus when studying human behavior should be on...
the present
From Wolpe's classical conditioning perspective, neurotic depression is a response to anxiety and can, therefore, be alleviated by using:
systematic desensitization
Which individual believed that the acquisition of language is due largely to biologically-programmed capacities?
Korsakoff's syndrome is a form of Alcohol-Induced Persisting Amnestic Disorder that is due to...
thiamine deficiency
Delayed ejaculation is a side effect of which drug?
Glutamate is a neurotransmitter associated with...
cognitive functions/abilities

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