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Helen Back is the sole proprietor of a small retail business and as such any profit that the business makes is
taxed as Backs personal income only
One advantage of a partnership is that there is a simple process for partners to terminate their business t/f
In the seven questions to consider when self-starting a small business, the question who must I collaborate with is relevant only for manufacturing and not for service t/f
two of the main causes for small business failure are financial: low profits and or industry weakness, and insufficient funds and or high operating costs. Blah blah blah t/f
A major objective of a leveraged buyout is to enable investors to gain control of a company by issuing new shares of ownership, thus minimizing the use of debt. t/f
The advantages of setting up a small business through a franchise include all of the following, except⬦
the franchiser provides the necessary buildings and equipment free of charge
Euporia college has received a government grant⬦
new businesses low-cost office space with basic business services
Holders of preffered stock in, for example nike, have the right to fire managers and other employees⬦ t/f
Company directors are responsible for⬦
A and C only… the company’s actions and stewardship of companys assets.
The Washington state Legislature is considering increasing tax on gasoline to pay for highway improvements. Executives in shell oil company would see such an increase as a
Wal-mart;s ability to keep its costs lower than those of competitors is an example of a
comparative advantage
The chair of the department of management and operations reports to the dean of the college of business, who reports to the Provost, this is known as
the chain of command
Employees often work with managers to develop a ... that outlines the fundamental purpose of their organization.
mission statement
When chevron draws up plans to determine how it should respond in the event of a 50% rise in the price of crude oil it is producing a
contingency plan
Which of the following is most likely to be involved in strategic planning?
Calvin Broadus, CFO
You are in a class of twenty people and the professor offers extra credit for attending class, the motivation technique she is using is?
None of the above
Senior executives at GM provide what the leadership grid describes as authority-compliance management, this means they had a
low concern for employees and a high concern for output
Washington state treasurer mike Murphy described the treasury as being much like a very large bank⬦ t/f
Murphy also said that high interest rates are a cause of inflation⬦ t/f
You have just gotten a job with Proctor and gamble as a production manager. Your job would likely include all of the following except⬦
organizing market research
Which of the following is/are the best examples of synthetic production process⬦
Both B and C, Coors beer brewing and hersheys chocolate.
The advantage of computer integrated manufacturing software is that it allows computer aided design machines to communicate directly with computer aided manufacturing machines. t/f
A Just in Time inventory system usually reduces costs for
the producer but not its suppliers
You have just been given the job as production manager for the new HP plant in Washington state. Given that the plant will produce computer hardware equipment you would design the plant so that its capacity is set
slightly above normal demand
According to the video Cities on the sea, there are plans in hand for vessels even larger than those already in service. For example the World of ResidenSea and the Freedom Ship. However blah blah blah⬦. t/f
According to Cities on the sea, modern day cruise ships are possible because of⬦
B and C only⬦ improved computer designing and testing technology and advances in shipyard construction technology.
According to the video Cities on the sea, only a handful of modern day high tech shipyards can build todays mega cruise ships two of the most modern are in the U.S⬦ t/f
According to the video cities by the sea speed is still a major necessity in modern cruise ships as it was in the days of the old transatlantic liners. The faster cruise ships are, the more time passengers can spend at the ports. t/f
Some service companies charge a fee to customers who miss appointments, so they can recoup some of the lost revenues, the reason they lose revenues in such cases is because the serviece is

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