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Medicinal Botany 2


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Secondary Compound
Not made for basic metabolism
May occur in special cells
May not be necessary for cell function
Complex chemicals
May not be useful for the plant as a whole

Secondary Compounds can be...
pigments, scents, terpenes, waxes, alkaloides and glycosides.
Colors and component
Chlorophyll (photosynthesis/ green), carotenoids (precursor to vitamin A/ orange yellow and red), phytochromes (photoreceptors), anthocyanins (purple and blue), and betalains (red and yellow).

End products that becomes precursor to other compounds.

Long chain of hydrocarbon molecules
nitrogen containing compounds that are heterocyclic ("Ring of carbon") and have many toxic and medicinal properties.
sugar bounded to non-carbon portion

Toxic (neurotoxin and saponine)

Why plants produce these:
Pigments and scents (reproduction success)
Protection from herbivores
Protection from disease
Allelopathy (reduce competition)
Protection from environment

determination of the biological activity or potency of a substance, as a vitamin or hormone, by testing its effect on the growth of an organism.
Main points of taxol essay:
cyanogenic glycocides
chemosystemic principles (finding a chemical in an organism and looking in related organisms for that chemical in greater or more accurate forms.)
only 10% of plants have been screened for medicinal properties and usually only for certain chemicals
need to research plants more
interrelation between plants

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