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Bio 112 Lab Test (Sponges and Cnidarians)


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The tentacles in the portuguese man-of war is loaded with
what body form does a Hydra have
solitary polyp
How does the GONIONEMUS and other medusae move?
By Jet Propulsion
Why is the Portuguese man-of-war (species of hydrozoan) considered to be colonial
It is composed of several types of modified polyps and medusae
What type of symmetry does Hydra have
radial symmetry
Food is captured (in Cnidarians) with the aid of STINGING ORGANS is called ______________. The cells that make up that organ is called ________/
1. nematocysts 2.cnidocyte
Polyp means
Medusa means
free swimming
What are the 2 main body forms of the Cnidarians
Polyp (sessile) and Medusa (free swimming)
How many tissue layers make up the animals in the Phylum Cnidaria
2 layers, endoderm and ectoderm
What type of symmetry does the animals in the Phylum Cnidaria have
radial symmetry, gut
What type of habitat are most of the animals in the Phylum Cnidaria found in
aquatic, mostly marine
What is the cell that ALL Cnidarians have
3 things that animals must have or be to exhibit considerable _____________.
1.multicellular 2. oxygen-consuming 3. heterotrophic 4. motility
what phylum is sponges in
Phylum Porifera
What type of symmetry does the sponges have
None or crude radial symmetry
What structures are used to support the body of a sponge
spicules and spongin
This is MONOECIOUS (meaning it has ONE reproductive structure)
What is the name of the LARVAE that are produced by sponges
The ASEXUAL reproduction in many sponges occur by what
budding and fragmentation
SPonges reproduce how
What phylum is Cnidarians in
Phylum Cnidaria
Corals are in what class
Class Anthozoa
Sea Anemones are in what class
Class Anthozoa
What class is Hydrozoans in?
Class Hydrozoa
WHat is the coral made up of primarily
calcium carbonate
in the class anthozoa (sean anemones and corals) are in what kind of habitat?

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