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D: Function
Acts as a sterol hormone
D: Deficiency
Rickets in children, osteomalecia in adults
A: Function
Involved in the gene expression of epithelial cells in the oral cavity
A: Deficiency
Night Blindness
K: Function
Cofactor, blood clotting agent, transfers glucose residue
K: Deficiency
Bleeding disorders
E: Function
Membrane anti-oxidant
E: Deficiency
Rare: in pregnant women and infants, may cause hemolytic anemia
Folate (folic Acid): Function
1-carbon transport reactions, especially in purine synthesis
Folate (folic acid): Deficiency
Megaloblastic anemia, neurological, hematological disorders
Ascorbic acid (C): Function
reductions, synthesis of collagen, adrenaline, steriods and bile salat, catabolism of tyrosine
Ascorbic acid (C): Deficiency
B1: Function
Carbon transport
B1: Deficiency
B2: Function
Proton/electron transport
B2: Deficiency
B3: Function
Hydride ion transport
B3: Deficiency
Pallegra, glossitis
B6: Function
Amino Transport
B6: Deficiency
Deficiency in oxygen transport, broad neurological disorders
B12: Function
Methyl Transport
B12: Deficiency
Urine accumulation of metabolites that require methylation, dementia
Zinc: Function
Coenzyme, energy metabolism, protein synthesis/catabolism
Zinc: Deficiency
Renal failure, retarded growth, impairment in reproduction
Copper: Function
Oxygen scavenger
Copper: Deficiency
Erythrocyte damage, vascular damage, defects in collagen and elastin, bleeding
Water Soluble Vitamins
Folic acid, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Zinc, Copper
Fat Soluble Vitamins
D, A, K, E

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