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Homeopathic Keynotes Set 4


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Pain in non-nursing breast, Child cries when nursing from painful oral apthae
Sensitive to downward and upward motion
Love of animals, dancing, & thunderstorms
Warm. < consolation. > sea air. Fastidious, romantic, sympathetic, responsible.
As if a black cloud settles around them. Irritable, gloomy, fearful.
Ovarian pains shoot up or down thigh
< menses, change of weather, etOH. > warmth
Toothache > cold water. H/a as if a nail driven into head. Ailments from joy.
Hypersensitive, restless, quick thinking. Dysmenorrhea w/ dark clots. Fever w/ red face
Yellow-green discharge < evening or warm room, > cool open air
Wandering pains. Irritable, hurried, obstinate. < consolation.
Kali sulph
Extreme nausea w/ salivation, Sweat /p vomiting. Rattling breathing w/out expectoration
< cold, > warmth, eating, evening
Weakness of memory. Bites nails. Fiery red diaper rash. Craves sour & ice. > night.
Fear of someone behind them over their shoulder. Time passes too slowly.
Asthma > on abdomen w/ tongue out. Painful menses, painful breasts, painful f
Great sleepiness after fright. Red hot face w/ pupillary constriction.
Stupor. Constipation. Painlessness of complaints.
Oily, itchy, cracked, bleeding skin < heat, looks dirty even after washing.
Feels great before h/a. Hungry before & during h/a. Throbbing h/a from cold drafts < suppression
Asthma < open air, > lying on back w/ arms abducted. Q
Painful dry fullness at root of nose w/out discharge. Cough < night & motion, > open air.
Violently painful sawing sensations, linear h/a < 4pm into night.
Sleepless restlessness. Hopeless. Averse to company. Weak memory
> slow motion & heat.
Desire to travel. Changeable mood. Irritable on waking. Temper tantrums,
Dry hard rattling cough w/out expectoration w/ chill & red face
Intense band-like h/a over R eye  occiput
Wandering pains < 1st motion > continued moti
Left sided pinching pain in jaw w/ numbness < drafts, change of temperature
Barking cough w/ hoarseness & deep voice
Sleepless with repeating melody in head
Changeable sx
Bad smell in nose w/ yellow-green d/c
Dry mouth w/ thirstlessness
Worse first motion, >continued motion
Craves cold milk & oysters
No sweat on face
White coated tongue w/ red triangular tip & metallic taste
rhus tox
Voluptuous itching, must scratch to rawness (rawness relieves itch)
Messy, arrogant, philosophical
Painless diarrhea driving out of bed in a.m.
desire to shoot himself, won’t do it due to sense of duty to family
asthma < warm damp weather & 4-5 am
LLL pneumonia, must sit up to cough
R-sided flatus pain, diarrhea after getting up in am
ailments from head injury (m
nat sulph
weakness after involuntary passing of stool w/ urine just after eating
grape-like hemorrhoids > cold applications
< heat & summer. burning pains (soles of feet).
Ropy mucus w/ pain at root of nose, punched-out ulcers
< 2-3 am, on waking
Fear of suffocation, sensitive to touch on neck
Left  right
Loquacious, suspicious, lascivious
Non-debilitating profuse chronic diarrhea
Weight on vertex of head
Paleness of urine, stool, tongue, face
Cough >walking
phos ac
Sympathetic & nurturing to others
Thirst for cold water but vomits as soon as warmed in stomach
Empty feeling in stomach w/ weakness
Ailments from overindulgence
Wakes at 3 am thinking of business
Impatient, self-reproaching, oversensitive, chilly
Intolerant of direct sun, < becoming heated
Dwells on long past events, with thoughts of hatred & revenge
Weeps when alone; < consolation, company
nat mur
developmental delays in kids, h/a w/ diarrhea at menarche
genupectoral sleeping position. colic from cold foods, < cold damp
discontented, peevish, desire to travel
calc phos
Burning sensations > heat
Frequent small sips of cold water
Desires to be covered warmly with head exposed to cold
Restless, fastidious
Intolerance to cold food, thought of food
Fear of darkness
Ailments from reflected shining light
Thinks he is God and then the devil
Sudden intense fever w/out perspiration
Throbbing hot shiny redness, constriction
Desires lemons
> bending backward
Foreign objects with splinter-like pains
Bashful stool (starts to come out then goes back in)
Ailments from suppressed offensive foot sweat
Stubbornness w/ lack of confidence
severe pounding h/a < sun, motion; > pressure, open air, cold
loses way on familiar streets
Lower GI borborygmus after eating small meals, > flatus
Right  left
Desires company, yet doesn’t want to be bothered
< 4-8 pm, second wind after 8 pm
Performance anxiety w/ false bravado
Weakness, slowness, coldness, perspiration that stains yellow
Mapped tongue w/ offensive odor, excess salivation yet feels dry
Anxiousness, paranoia of impending evil at night

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