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jan hus
bohemiam who called for reforms in the church
john wycliffe
attacked church corruption
thomas becket
clergyman who resisted henry II's efforts to increse royal power
holy war
monarch of christian spain
the subject was often studied by medival students, religious studies
Council of Clermont
at this place, Pope Urban gave a speech that began the crusades
henry IV
argued the church over lay investiture
witch craft, torchured brutally
Tomas Aquinas
believed that god ruled over an orderly universe governed by logic, brought together christian faith and greek philosophy
common law
law that is the same for all people
those medieval minds who tried to resolve the conflict between faith and reason
babylonian captivity
time when the papal court was on the border of southern france
wrote the divine comedy
everyday languages of ordinary people
joan of arc
led the french to several victories and was tried for witch craft
wrote the Canterbury tales, offers a picture of medival life
Domesday Book
Census commissioned by King williams
Estates General
Government body set up by Philip IV of France
innocent III
launched the Albigensian crusade
concordat of worms
treaty that ended the investiture struggle
hundred years of war
event during which the longbow and cannon were used for the first time
Holy roman empire
area including much of central and eastern euope as well as parts of france and italy
The christian effort to drive the muslims from spain
a group of men who determined which cases should be brought to trial
Magna Carta
Document that affirmed feudal rights

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