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World Geography Chap. 6


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Many immigrants came to the U.S. and Canada so they could worship freely
In the U.S. the Declaration Of Independence guarantees religious freedom.
Although many religions are represented in both countries, the main religion in the United States and Canada is Protestantism.
False; Catholic
In Canada there are 2 official languages, English and Spanish.
False; French
New Mexico is bilingual, with both English and Spanish spoken.
Early settlers to North America brought art traditions from Africa.
False; Europe
Native American music often involves the use of drums and chanting.
Rock and Roll is a distinctive type of American music that arose in the early 1900s.
False; Jazz
The Group Of Seven painted new visions of the American West.
False; Georgia o` Keeffe
The skyscraper first appeared in the U.S.
Among American regional writers, Edgar Allan Poe wrote about life on the Mississippi River.
False; Mark Twain
Because of their high socioeconomic status, citizens of the U.S. and Canada enjoy many personal choices and opportunities.
Unlike the U.S., the Canadian government pays for health care for all its citizens.
In both the U.S. and Canada, education is expensive.
false; compulsory
Canadians celebrate Independence Day, which is a patriotic holiday.
false; Canada Day

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