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History Terms: Unit 06


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President Thieu
, South Vietnamese president resigned and said: "The United States has not respected its promises. It is inhumane. It is untrustworthy. It is irresponsible."
fight until somebody gives up
Paris Accords of 1973
the USA promised to withdraw the South, while 150,000 NVA troops were allowed to stay.
Sirhan Sirhan
Man who killed RFK
Case Church Amendment
prohibits any future military activity in SE Asia
The capital of South Vietnam
An excuse to escape the draft. Mostly for college; hense the reason many richer people did not have to fight in the war
pulling out of US troops and replacing t hem with a growing S. Vietnamese army.
William Westmoreland
US commanding General-named Time magazine's "man of the year" in 1965
Tokin Gulf Resolution
1964, the USS Maddox was "attacked" in the Gulf of Tokin LBJ pushed to congress to pass this which let him send MORE troops
"Hippies" and other young people protesting against the 50s culture of their parents, religious, political, cultural, and social norms
Richard Daley
Chicago mayor who had the police violent put down any protests while TV news crews caught it live
Richard Nixon
Republican Canidate running against Wallace
Ho Chi Minh
communist guerilla leader, led the Vietnamese resistance against the Japanese
Agent Orange
a herbicide that was later found to cause cancer to the people that came into contact with it
French Indochina
the area we call Vietnam when was a colony of France
Minority of communists in S.V.
Ho Chi Minh trail
Trail that ran through neutral countries that allowed the N.V. to get more supplies even during a blockade.
Operation Rolling Thunder
Massive bombing campaign
Forced to join the army
Robert Kennedy
JFK's brother and was assassinated before being able to finish his political race
Dien Bien Phu
In 1954, in communists beat the French at the battle of -----
Tet Offensive
A NV launched attack on the Vientamese New Year.
George Wallace
Democratic canidate running against Richard Nixon
Khmer Rouge
Cambodia, the communist ruler engaged in a mass slaughter of non-communists known as the "killing fields."
Hubert Humphrey
the Democrat-nominated VP
Geneva Accords
divided the country into a communist North and capitalist South.
George McGovern
1972 Election Democrat against Nixon
Ngo Dinh Diem
South Vietnamese leader
Eugene McCarthy
One of the Democrats that ran against LBJ--eventhough it was his party
sticky substance that burned leaves off of trees
The capital of North Vietnam
Kent State
4 students killed by National Guardsmen after violent protesting in this university
"Domino Theory"
if you allow one country to fall to communism, others will follow.
Robert McNamara
JFK's secretary of defense

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