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us history 1959-1975


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Who is john f kennedy
president of us from 1960-1962. campaigned domestic reforms-"new frontier". assassinated by lee harvey oswald.
who was richard m nixon
run for us president against j f kennedy. reemerged as the spokesman("silent majority"). vision of stability, law and order, gov't retrenchment, and " peace with honor" in vietnam.
who was joseph kennedy
father of j f kennedy. former american ambassador to britain. run for president. was assasssinated.
the new frontier
kennedy's set of domestic reforms. tariff reductions. legislative agenda. promote economic growth.
lyndon b johnson
became president of u.s. after kennedy's assassintion. started war on poverty. reform program "great society".
lee harvey oswald
assassinated kennedy. he was assassinated by jack ruby.
the warren commission
put together after kennedy was assassinated. named after chief justice earl warren.
the great society
johnson's reform program. increased federal spending. reduced hunger in u.s. made medical care available to elderly and poor people.
barry goldwater
coservative senator from arizona. carried arizona and another five states in the deep south.record democratic majorities in both houses of congress.
provide federal aid to the elderly for medical expenses.
extended federal medical assistance to welfare recipients and other indigent people of all ages.
office of economic opporunities
center poece of "war on poverty".
"war on poverty"
johnson's reform which created office of economic opportunities.
community action
an effort to involve members of poor comunities themselves in the planing and administration of the programs designed to help them. provided jobs and gave experience in administrative and political work.
housing act of 1961
offered money for the preservation of open spaces, the development of mass-transit systems, and the subsidization of middle-income housing.
department of housing and urban development
johnson's cabinet agency wich inaugurated the model cities program.
robert weaver
first african american secretary in the department of housing and urban development.
model cities
johnson's program which offered federal subsidies for urban redevelopment pilot programs.
elementary and secondary education act of 1965
based the aid on the economic conditions of the students, not on the needs of the schools themselves.
immigration act of 1965
limited the number of newcomers admitted to the cvountry each year. eliminated the "national origins" system.
woolworth sit-in
black students in greensboro, nc, staged sit-in. following months such demonstrations spread throughout the south. it formed sncc.
sncc-student nonviolent coordinating committee
student branch of martin luther king, jr's southern christian leadership council. worked to keep the spirit of resistance alive.
sclc-southern christian leadership conference
martin luther king, jr's interracial group.faced competition from radical groups.
core-congress of racial equality
begun "freedom rides". mobilizied mass popular resistance to discrimaination.
"freedom rides"
students traveled by bus throughout the south. they tried to force the desegration of bus stations.
martin luther king, jr.
was a part of "freedom rides". leader of civil rights movement. gave a speech in front of the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c. "i have a dream". was assassinated.
eugene "bull" connor
police commissioner. supervised a brutal effoty yo break up peacful marches.
birmingham bombing
four african american children killed during black church bombing
march on washington
martin luther king, jr's speech "i have a dream". generate support for the legislation, dramatize the power of the growing movement.
"freedom summer"
worked on behalf of black voter registration and participation.
andrew goodman
one of three first freedom workers. was murdered.
michael schwerner
one of first three freedom workers that were murdered.
james chaney
one of first three freedom workers that were murdered.
mississipppi freedom democratic party-mfdp
challenged the regular party's right to its seats at the democratic national convention.
frannie lou hamer
leader of mfdp
selma march
press for the right of black to register to vote.
voting rights act of 1965
johnson's act which provided federal protection to african americans attemting to exercise their right to vote.
watts riot
most serious race riot since trigered a storm of anger and a week of violence.
commission on civil disorders
created by johnson in response to the riots. issued spending to eliminate conditions of the getthoes.
"black power"
suggested a shift away from the goal of assimilation and toward increased awareness of racial distinctiveness.
black panthers
the most radical expressions of the black-power idea.
malcolm x
the most celebrated of the black muslims. x to denote his lost african surname. assassinated. major figure in many black communities even after his death.
berlin wall
served as the most potent physical symbol of the conflict between the communist and noncommunist worlds.
rafael trujillo
assassinated general of dominican republic.
ngo dinh diem
leader of south vietnam.waged an effective campaign against some of the powerful religious sects ant the south vietnamese mafia.was assassinated.
ho chi minh
stayed behind in the south after the partition. resumed the armed struggle for national unification.
national liberation front (viet cong)
an organization closely allied with the north vietnamiese gov't. began military operations in the south, which marked the beginning of vietnam war.
ngo dinh nhu
diem's brother and principal adviser. was assassinated.
gulf of tokin resoliution
congress authorized the president to "take all necessary measures" to protect american forces and "prevent further agression" in southeast asia.
american military base. was attacked by communist forces.
da nang
two battalions of american marines landed to destroy the flow of north vietnamiese soldiers and supplies into south vietnam.
"attrition" strategy
belief that u.s. could inflict more damage on the enemy than the enemy could absorb.
strategy to push the viet cong from particular regions and then "pacify" those regions by winning the "hearts and minds" of the people.
j. william fulbright
senator from arkansas turned against the war and began to stage highly publicized and occasionally televised congressional hearings to air criticism of it.
robert mcnamara
extended the american involment in vietnam.
clark clifford
quiet but powerful voice within the administration on behalf of a cautious scaling.
the tet offensive
suggested to the american public something of the brutality of the fighting in vietnam.
eugene mccarhty
senator of minnesota. a brilliantly orchestred campaign by young volunteers primary by produced a startling showing by maccarhty.
hubert humphrey
vice president. began to attract the support of party leaders and of the many delegations the were selected not by popular primaries but by state party organizations.
james earl ray
assassinated martin luther king, jr. hired by others.
sirhan sirhan
young palestinian enraged remarks robert kennedy made about israel ans shot him.
1968 democratic convention
anti war riots. hubert humphrey was nominated president for democratic party.
bay of pigs
it was an attempt to over come castro dictatorship.
juan bosch
planned to establish a pro-castro communist regime in the dominican republic.
medgar evers
naccp official. was murdered in mississippi.
george wallace
governor. stood in the doorway of a building ot the uab to prevent the court ordered enrollment of several black students.
"alliance for progress"
kennedy's series of projects for peaceful development and stabilization of the nation.
"affirmative action"
the way for employers to prove that they were not discriminating against african americans by making sure that certin amount of blacks were hired.
"green berets"
kennedy's special forces trained specifically to fight guerrilla conflicts and other limited wars. first used in vietnam.
jim clark
selma sheriff who led local police in a brutal attack on the demonstrators.
robert f kennedy
brother o j f kennedy. senator from new york. joined fulbright in opposing johnson's policies. assassinated by sirhan sirhan.

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