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Steward Test Review


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What are the Four Marks of the Catholic Church?
The Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.
What are the Sacraments of Initiation?
Baptism, Confirmation,
The gift of our sharing in the life of God is called...?
Belief and trust in God is called...?
Hell was created because...?
People turned away from God
This saint helped the Blessed Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus escape to Egypt.
St. Joseph
When we are truly sorry for our sins we have...?
The official public prayer of the Catholic Church is ...?
The Liturgy
The part of the bible which tells of Jesus and the early Church....?
Old Testament
In the prayer the Our Father, we forgive....?
our enemies
In the parable, The Prodical Son, which sacrament is celebrated?
What does the word vocation mean?
Our call from God to share in His life and work.
We honor the Blessed Virgin Mary because...?
She is the Mother of God.
What is the first step to making a good confession?
Examination of conscience
Who are the members of the Communion of Saints?
People who are living holy lives on Earth, souls in Heaven, souls in Purgatory
A patron saint is.....?
A saint who has been chosen to pray in a special way for people, countries, and for other reasons.
Another name for the Church is....?
The Body of Christ
Mary appeared to what saint in Guadalupe, Mexico?
Juan Diego
Days in the Church year, set aside to honor the saints are called....?
feast days
Who was the first martyr?
St. Stephen
Sacraments are....?
The holy signs of God's love for us.
What is sin?
Freely choosing to do or say something that we know is against God's law.
A prayer or good deed that is given to us by the priest in the Sacrament of Reconciliation is....?
The leader of the world-wide Catholic Church is....?
The Pope
*Pope Benedict XVI
Being a faithful husband or wife honors the sacrament of...?
Name the 4 sets of Mysteries of the Rosary.
Joyful Mysteries, Sorrowful Mysteries, Glorious Mysteries, and Luminous Mysteries.
What was Jesus' first miracle?
At the wedding feast in Cana he turned water into wine.
The word Eucharist means...?
to give thanks
The part of the Mass when the Consecration takes place...?
during the Eucharistic Prayer
The Eucharist kept in the tabernacle is called the ...?
Blessed Sacrament
What are the 5 seasons of the liturgical year?
Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Ordinary Time
Stewardship is giving of your...?
time, talent and treasure
Which commandment teaches us to appreciate all that our parents do for us?
#4 Honor your Father and Mother.
Taking illegal drugs or abusing alcohol breaks which commandment?
#5 You shall not kill.
One popular devotion to Mary is.....?
The Rosary

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