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SocialStudies Chap3 Test


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Because of inflation in Spain and the Spanish Armada's defeat
Spain's golden age gradually came to an end
Ponce de Leon came to the Americas to find
gold and the fountain of youth
which type of Spanish settlements were towns that served as trading posts and centers of local governments
the most important spanish settlement in new mexico and one of the most important in the borderlands was
Santa Fe
The printing press
helped spread the Protestant Reformation
Port Royal and Quebec were founded by
Champlain, who also explored parts of what are now New York and Vermont
Of the European countries that sought wealth in the Americas the one that most profited was
After Coronado captured Cibola, he discovere that it contained
nothing but adobe buildings and bushels of corn
Reforms in the encomienda system were triggered by efforts of
Bartolome de Las Casas
Malintzin, an American Indian woman served as guide and interpreter for
Because american indian resistance and high death rates from disease made the encomienda system less successful in Florida and Caribbean, the Spanish...
brought enslaved Africans to work in New Spain
The Protestant Reformation began in
The Anglican church was founded by
King Henry VIII
Who was the ruler of the Aztec Empire when Cortes captured it?
The Roanoke Colony was resttled in 1587 by
John White
In remote frontier areas, the Spanish built military bases called
THe Spanish claim to the Pacific coast of North America was established by
Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo
Texas' main Spanish settlement until 1700s was
the mission of El Paso
THe Roanoke colony was
discovered mysteriously deserted in 1590
Which Spanish explorer did the Aztecs believe was Quetzalcoatl?
The Spanish Armada was
weakened by a series of delays and poor leadership, and destroyed in a storm
which river made exploration of the southern parts of America possible
invasion fleet assembled by King Philip II to invade England, overthrow QUeen Elizabeth I and return England to the Roman Catholic church
Spanish Armada
"The King's Road" a road network that connected the communities of New Spain
El Camino Real
reformers who protested the catholc church's practices
Spanish soldiers and exporers who led military expeditions in the americas
a group of royal officials who oversaw all government in Spanish America
Council of the Indies
a region along the edge of New Spain including northern Mexico Florida and parts of present-day California Arizona, New Mexico and Texas
a group of English sailors who raided Spanish treasure ships for Queen Elizabeth I
sea dogs
large farms that usually specialized in growing one kind of crop
document granting permission to establish a colony
an increase in the amount of money in circulation and in the price of foods

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