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English Adj. 1


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abstemious abstemiously abstemisouness
easting and drinking in moderation, charactized by abstinence or moderation
attended by favorable circumstances, propitious, marked by sucess, prosperous
having a harmful effect, injurious
impossible to dispute, unquestionable
onerous(adj) onerously(adv)
involving, imposing, or onstitution a burden:troublesome 2. having legal obligations that outweigh the advantages
pernicious (adj) perniciously (adv) perniciousness(n)
1. highly injurious or destructive, deadly 2. archaic: wicked
an emotion of sympathetic pity, great deep earnest emotion or feeling or compassion, the quality of tugging at the heart-strings
multitudinous (adj) -ly(adv) multitudinousness (n )
existing in great multitude, existing in or consisting of innumerable elements or aspects, including a multitude of individuals
mordant (adj)
biting or caustic in thought, manner or style, :burning, pungent
astringent (adj)
causing contraction of soft organic tissue. 2. rigidly severe, austere, pungent caustic
portentous (adj) -ly (adv) portentousness
being a grave or serious manner, self-conciously solemn, 2. ponderously excessive
insipid (adj) insipidity (n)
lacking taste or savor to please 2. lacking in qualites that stimulate, interest, or challenge
nebulous (adj) -ly (adv) nebulousness (n)
indistinct or vague
ancillary (adj)
subordinate, subsidiary, auxillary, supplementary
ostentatious (adj)
marked by or fond of conspicious or vainglorious and sometimes pretentious display
pretentious (adj)
making unjustified or exessive claims, unwarranted or exxagerated importance worth or stature
parochial (adj) parochially (adv)
of or ralting to a church parish 2. confined or restricted as if within the boundaries or a parish: limited in range or scope (as to a narrow area or region) : provincial, narrow
precarious(adj) precariously(adv) precariousness(n)
1. depending on the will or pleasure of another. 2. dependent on uncertain premises. 3. dependent on chance circumstances, unknown conditions, or uncertain developments, characterized by lack of security or stability
bitter deep-seated ill will
antinomy(noun), antinomic(adj)
a contradiction between two apparently equally valid principles or between inferences correctly drawn from such principles. 2. a fundamental and apparently unresolvable conflict or contradiction
confluence (n)
1. a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point 2. the place of meeting or two streams formed by junction
malignant (adj)
evil in nature, disaffected 2. injurious, passionately and relentlessly malicious 3. tending to produce death or deterioration
1. having little substance or strength: flimsy weak 2. not thick (slender) 3. not dense

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