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Renaissance Writers

Some of the Renaissance writers.


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(1547 - 1616) Spanish, wrote "Don Quitote" in which he ridiculed knighthood and chivalry with a mad knight character
(1265 - 1321) Italian, first to write in the Italian vernacular, wrote "The Divine Comedy" which describes a trip through the afterlife guided by Virgil
(1313 -1375) Italian, wrote "The DeCameron" which was composed of short stories told by young folk fleeing the Black Death
(1469 - 1527) Italian traveling diplomat, wrote "The Prince" which was about ethics in government, the word "Machiavellian" today means "unscruptulous"
(1303 - 1374) Italian writer, studied classics, wrote sonnets (romantic, nature, love, etc.)
Pico della Mirandola
(1463 - 1494) Italian scholar, wrote in praise of human dignity, censored by the church
(1466 - 1536) Dutch classical scholar, against superstition, prejudice, church abuses and, upper class prirs, wrote the book "In Praise of Folly"
Sir Thomas More
(1478 - 1535) English, wrote "Utopia" which portrayed a peaceful land free from war, poverty, injustice, etc.
(1340 - 1400) English, inspired by Dante and Boccaccio, wrote "Canterbury Tales" which were short stories told by pilgrims traveling to Canterbury Cathedral
(1564 - 1616) English, said to be the greast playwright/poet of all time, used vernacular English in sonnets, dramatic technique in plays, he was well-educated with psycological insights into human nature

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