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who needed to be brought together in the Marburg colloquy?
Luther(German) & Zwingli(Swiss)
what were the 2 sources of catholic reformation?
popes' fear of loss of power and a religious revival of piety
what are anabaptists?
rebaptizers and radical protestants
what kind of city was zurich?
puritanical protestant
how were the wars of religion international conflicts?
the catholic governments of spain and France sent armies against protestants
was the Augsburg interim a failure or a success and why?
failure because the reformation was entrenched
who are Cramer & Cronwell?
the pro-lutheran new advisors to Henry VIII
what was the pacification of ghent?
the 10 largely catholic southern provinces in unity
who wanted to reimpose catholocism after the English reformation?
Mary Tudor aka. bloody mary
what happens after Henry VIII weds Anne Boleyn?
parliament ends all payments to Rome
why were older single women more vulnerable to accusations of witchcraft?
they were in most need of security and influence
what did the Treatise on religious and political philosophy champion?
freedom of thought
what religion did the Peace of Augsburg not recognize as a legal form of christianity?
what did Edward VI do to all churches?
put in the book of common prayer and strips it of altars and images
Why was Germany almost ungovernable in the 16th century?
it consissted of 360 autonomous political enemies that each charged taxes and tarriffs
what was the name of the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon?
Mary Tudor aka. Bloody Mary
what was a common hosehold book in the 16th century?
Luther's translations of the New Testament
which countiries are utterly loyal to Calvin?
France, Scotland, and England
what did the courts sentence people to death for between 1400-1700?
harmful magic and diabolical witchcraft
how did the treaty of wesphalia perpetuate German Division?
by confirming the territorial sovergnity of Germany's political entities
what were the results of the saint bartholomew's day massacre?
murder of 3,000 huguenots. the rligious conflict became a struggle for survival
who often claimed magical powers in village society?
the old and impoverished especially single and widowed women
whose conversion to calvinism gave it a foothold in the holy roman empire?
Fredrick III
What were the puritans' two major grievances against the national church of England?
too much popery and the protestant doctine needed to be more precise
who is the leader of the reformation in zurich?
what are the 2 most famous works of john Locke?
The Essay concerning human understanding and 2 treatises of government
what were the terms of the treaty of Wesphalia?
it reasserted the major feature of the religious settlement of the peace of augsburg
who is the greatest spanish wirter of all time whose most famous work is Don Quijote?
what helped end witch hunts?
the emergence of a new world view and advances in medicine and insurance companies
who defeated a Turkish fleet at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571?
A Holy League of Spain, Venice, and the pope
what did the Treatise on religious and political philosophy criticize?
the dogmaticism of Dutch calvinists
how much were churches reduced by in the 16th century?
why was calvin invited to return back to Genevea?
to create a Godly society
how did shakespeare feel about his government?
as the actions of individuals
what 2 people led the French protestant resistance?
Louis I and Gasparde de Coligny
what did Henry's six articles of 1539 do?
reaffirmed most catholic doctrines
why did Pascal believe that belief in God improved earthly life?
He thought great danger lay in the surrendur of traditional religious values
who administered the new lutheran church?
regional consistories
what role did governments play in witch panics?
they wanted to eliminate them because they were "competition"
why was calvin exiled from Geneva?
people feared "new papacy"
what was switzerland divided into?
what 2 ideas was blaise pascal torn between?
the continuing dogmaticism and the new skepticism of the 17th century
who were the 3 great families that competed for control of France?
Bourbons, Montmorencys, and Guises
what was the name for French Calvinists?
what was the calvinists' duty?
create a Godly society to show that they were the ones elected by God
where does calvin go after he is exiled?
Who does henry wish to marry when he asks for an annulment for the marriage of him and Catherine of Aragon?
Anne Boleyn
Why does Henry believe his marriage to Catherine is cursed?
Catherine had been married to his brother, Arthur, before
Who did Henry III have killed when he was driven out of Paris by the catholic league
The Duke of Guise and Cardinal of Guise
what did the combo of religious confidence and self-discipline which produced ethic lead to?
modern capitalism
what was a refuge for persecuted protestants and an international school of protestant resistance?
what happens after the clergy recognizes Henry as head of the church?
the clergy is put under royal jurisdiction
Why is the annulment for Henry VIII and catherine unlikely?
because Clement VII is prisoner of Emporer Charles V who is Catherine's nephew
In What vocation did the reformation praise women as?
mother and housewife
Who was the leader of the Netherlands against spain?
William of Nassau, Prince of Oragne
what language were masses in in the 15th century?
Did catholics or protestants favor women more?
what could the consistory punish you for?
religious and moral transgressions
where was calvinism most prominent?
France, Scotland, and the netherlands
in the reformation in Zurich, what is not to be believed or practived?
anything with lack of literal scripture support
how did Elizabeth I avoid the religious turmoil from reaching England?
she guided a religious settlement through parliament.
what was in every city in the 15th century?
a shrine dedicated to a saint
what led to the Saint Bartholomew's day massacre?
Catherin de Medici tried to have Colgny killed, but it failed, so she convinces Charles IX that a Huguenot coup was afoot and he needed to prevent it
What do some anabaptists want?
quicker change and implementation of "primitive christians"
what three points did the educational reforms consist of?
compulsory primary education, schools for girls, and chatechetical training in new religion
What did Charles V do after he failed to find a compromise to reunite his empire?
goes to war and defeats the protestant Schmalkaldic league
who fails to get the annulment for Henry VIII?
Cardinal Wolsley, Lord Chancellor of England
What did Henry of Navarre do to bring peace when he became King Henry IV?
welcomed both religions to keep political peace
What is the reaction of the calvinists to the peace of Augsburg?
they are determined to practice their religion and shape society
what did Calvin do when he returned to Geneva?
create the consistory
what was attempted in the Marburg colloquy?
Philip of Hess wanted to unite Swiss/German protestants
what did the council of trent reaffirm?
traditional catholic doctrines
who brought the reformation to England?
Edward VI's family and advisors
describe the organization of calvinist church
it had a system of presbetyrs (board of elders)
what language were church services in in the 16th century?
vernacular(everyday language of the people)(not only 1 language)
what do Cramer & cornwell suggest to Henry VIII?
to make himself the head of English church so he can get his annulment
what happens after Cramer & cornwell advise Henry to make himself head of the English Church?
the clergy recognizes Henry as head of the church
what did the Catholic reform commission criticize?
the fiscality and simony of papal curia
where was rebaptism made illegal in 1529?
the holy roman empire
what do anabaptists reject?
infant baptism
how much of the original reformation converts returned to the old catholic chuurch?
What ordered protestant to readopt catholocism?
the Augsburg Interim
According to Locke, when may people take power back from the government?
whenever the law is manifestly neglected or opposed
where did the counter-reformation win people back most?
Austria, Germany and Poland
in the meeting between Luther and zwingli for the Marburg colliquy, what did they disagree over?
whether Jesus was spiritually(Luther) or symbollically(Zwingli) present in Eucharist
who served as a regent for her 2 sons, Francis II and Charles IX, and tried to play the Catholics against the protestants?
Catherine de Medici
who revoked the Edict of Nantes and why?
Louis XIV because he was calling for "one king, one church, one law"
what did zwingli oppose?
What 2 ideas are juxtaposed in Don Quijote?
down to earth realism and religious idealism
what was John Clavin's 2nd edition of the chatechism called?
"Institutes of the Christian Religion"
what were the 4 points of the council of trent?
banned selling of indulgences and church offices, bishops had to live and work in appointed seat, better education and discipline of parish priests, and more seminaries
Who organized the Catholic league and its great army under the count of Tilly?
Maxamillian Duke of Bavaria
what regulated daily life in the 15th century?
church calendar
what was the consistory?
a judicial body that consisted of clergy and laity
what was the second cause of the spanish armada?
elizabeth I signing a treaty that committed English soldiers to the netherlands
What did the Catholic league set the stage for?
the thirty years' war
Who brought the reformation to Geneva?
reformers from Bern
what were the 2 original ideas in Hobbe's work, Leviathan?
making natural law the basis of all law, and a representative theory of absolute authority
what are the mental and emotional excercises to teach spiritual self-mastery?
spiritual excersises
According to Locke, why do people enter social contracts?
so that they can preserve their natural rights
who were cantons divided?
who organized the society of Jesus (Jesuits)?
Ignatius of Loyola
why did anabaptists want to separate from society?
because it is a threat to social bonds
who is John Calvin?
the French priest who started calvinism
what led to the swiss reformation?
national sentimennt and church reform
What did calvin do when he arrived in Stratsbourg?
wrote a biblical commentary and wrote a 2nd edition of the Chatechism
what did zwinglian churches look like in the 16th century?
stripped bare and white-washed with no fasts, shrines, saints, or relics
What did Spinoza write?
Treatise on religious and political philosophy
How many cantons was switzerland divided into?
what modern groups are anabaptists similar to?
amish and mennanites
According to Locke, why are rulers bound to the law of nature?
all mankind are equal and independant
what was the first cause of the spanish armada?
the english preying on spanish ships
what did the act of succession say?
Anne Boleyn's children are rightful heirs
how were the wars of religion internal conflicts?
the catholics and protestants of France, England, and the Netherlands struggled to control their governments
what did the act of supremacy say?
Henry VIII is the head of the church
what does Calvin do when he arrives in Geneva?
writes rules for governance of the church and writes a chatechism to guide his people
what did the counter-reformation teach catholics to do?
follow higher spiritual authority and spiritual direction
who is the greatest playwright in the english language?
what happens after the clergy is put under royal jurisdiction?
Henry VIII weds Anne Boleyn
what three groups opposed anabaptists?
lutherans, zwinglians, and catholics
what sort of books did ignatius study?
christian classics
who was the woman who produced only a daughter for henry VIII?
Catherine of Aragon
What did Jansenists believe?
total sinfulness of humans and their eternal predestination
what religion did scandanavia convert to?
what was the concept of the peace of Augsburg?
ruler of a land would determine the religion of the land
What are the 2 main laws of Henry VIII?
the act of supremacy and the act of succession
what helped the success of the counter-reformation?
the Society of Jesus
why did many French aristocrats become Huguenots?
to oppose the French monarchy
what did Elizabeth I want to create?
a lasting religious settlement
who did blaise pascal want to refute?
the jesuits and the skeptics
what was the third cause of the spanish armada?
elizabeth I executing Mary Queen of Scots
who are Edward VI's parents?
Henry VIII and Jane Seymour
what does don quijote satirize and admire?
what made the division of chrisitanity permanent?
the peace of Augsburg
What did Henry IV's Edict of Nantes do for French Huguenots?
gave them religious freedom and rights
what is the idea that God already knows your fate and there is nothing you can do to save it?
divine predestination
who was sent by Philip II to suppress the revolt in the netherlands?
The duke of alba
where do protestant refugees flee to?

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