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Religion Final


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Jesus tells Peter, John, and James that the hour has come. He is arrested.
Jesus is praying for himself and for then who will spread his story. They are looking for Jesus and an angel appears to Jesus.
What are the outward signs of each sacrement?
Baptism: water, word of trinity. (Initiation) Reconciliation: words of absolution, penance,confession (Healing) Eucharist: bread and wine words of consecration (Initiation) Confirmation: chrism oil, words "Be sealed in the Holy Spirit." (Initiation) Matrimony: vows witnessed by the priest (service) Holy Orders: laying of hands (Service) Anointing of the Sick: chrism oil, healing prayers (healing)
Ninth commandment
you shall not covet your neighbor's wife. Moral obligations - obliges to be pure of heart, modesty, faithfulness in marriage. sins against - immodesty, willfull consent to impure thoughts.
Peter, John, and James stay in the garden and fall asleep.
Jesus was taken in to the tomb.
tenth commandment
you shall not covet your neighbor's goods. Moral obligations - commands us to desire the hapiness of heaven more than the goods of the earth, be grateful for what we posses as gifts from God sins against- envy and greed
Second Commandment
You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain. Moral Obligation - respect the name of the Lord, do not use God's name lightly, keep promises made in God's name, respect names of the blessed mother and saints. sins against - blasphemy, perjury, cursing, swearing in trival matters
Jesus dies. His side is pierced and water and blood pour out.
People are praying and worshiping at the Sanhedrin. A crowd is shouting against Jesus to pilate.
Judas wants to return the thirty pieces of silver and talks to the high priests.
Who ministers each sacerement?
Baptism - priest, deacon, or lay person in emergency. Reconciliation - priest. Eucharist - priest. Confirmation - bishop. matrimony - priest or deacon. Holy orders - bishop Anointing of the Sick - priest.
What graces are received for each sacrement?
Baptism-free from original sin. Reconciliation- state of grace. Eucharist-body, blood, souls, and divinity of Christ. Confirmation- sealed in the Holy Spirit. Matrimony-two become one united in God. Holy Orders - power and authority represent Christ. Annoiting of the Sick - physical and spiritual healing.
sixth commandment
you shall not commit adultey. moral obligation - respect the sexual powers God gave us in creation, respect the marriage obligations sins against- adultrey and fornication, contraception, artificial insemenation, homosexual acts, pornography
the passover ritual
Fifth Commandment
You shall not kill. Moral obligation - respect life at all stages from conception to natural death, to work for peace. Sins against - abortion, euthansia, suicide, sterilization, contraception, unjust war
What are the seven sacrements?
Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Orders, Annointing of the Sick
passover meal begins, Jesus washes the feet of the apostles
Final cup of the wine is drunk at the passover feast. Jesus announces he is God the Father and Son.
Third Commandment
Remember to keep holy the sabbath day. Moral obligation - observe sunday and holy days of obligations by participating in the Holy sacrifice of the mass. Observe sunday rest. Sings against - Working unnecessarily on sundays. Missing Mass (w/o being ill)
seveth commandment
do not steal. moral obligation - practice justice and charity in the administration of earthly goods, respect the private property of others sins against - theft, deliberatly damaging another's property, cheating, negelecting to help the poor, failure to pay an employee a just wage
They begin questioning Jesus.
apostles enter Jerusalem celebrating passover thursday evening.
Fourth Commandment
Honor your Father and Mother. Moral Obligation - respect and obey your parents. respect the family. respect civil authority. sins against - dissrespecting parents, not caring for elderly parents, disrespecting authority placed over you by your parents
Jesus was brought to Pontious Pilate where he was questioned and sent to King Herod.
Given drink. Tells the thief he will with in paradise. His clothes are divided among 4 soldiers.
Jesus institues the mass
Jesus was to Herod where he made Jesus wear a red garment. He also mocked him.
Pilate is quesitoning Jesus, and he is presented to the crowd. He gets his cross.
Pilate asks the crowd if they want to release Jesus or Barabbas. He is crowned with thornes.
Jesus is take to the house of Annas. Peter denies Jesus 3 times.
Jesus is nailed to the cross.
First Commandment
I am the Lord your God you shall not have strange gods before me. Moral Obligation - to adore and worship the one true God, to practice the virtues of faith, hope, and charity. Sins against- superstition, idolatry, divination, magicsimony, sacrilege
12PM Midnight
Jesus tells the apostles that God will send the Holy Spirit. The high priest go to Caiphas' apartment.
The last supper. Jesus institues the eucharist. Jesus tells Peter that he will deny him three times.
eighth commandment
you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. moral obligations - speak the truth, keep secrets unless harmful to others. Sins against - a public lie, perjury, rash judgement, gossiping, boasting
Final hour for Jesus on the cross. Hells Mary and Joseph "son behold your mother and mother behold your son. "

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