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us hist ch. 4


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Reasons why British joined Spain and Portugal in the exploration of the New World:
1. To bring gold to the crown 2. To spread Christianity 3. To grow in power
Self-governing colony
Choose their own governors but still functioned under support of the king.
defeat of the Spanish Armada by the British 1588:
Spain is declining as a world power and of it's domination in North America. Sparks a feeling of nationalism within England and signals beginning of England domination of the seas
Reasons why British felt ready to explore:
1. British population steadily growing 2. economic depression in the wool industry = overcrowding of cities 3. British defeats the Irish allows more concentration on exploration 4. want market for their goods 5. people want religious freedom 6. join-stock
old feudal law where only the firstborn son can inherit the family wealth
Results of the economic depression in the wool industry in England 1550s
overcrowding of cities and jails with job seekers and debtors
During the Protestant Reformation, Henry VIII:
broke with the Catholic Church and gave rise to a religious conflict
joint stock company
Organization in which investors pool their money for a share of the profits. Provide financial support for going to the New World. Responsible for Jamestown and Plymouth.
proprietary colony
Owned by a person or group who appointed the governor for the colony
royal colony
controlled by the crown
Sir Walter Raleigh
Made attempt to establish an English Colony off coast of Virginia on Raonoke Island - "Lost Colony" - settlement disappeared around 1591
Virginia Company of London
joint stock company. 1607: recieved a charter from James I to settle into the New World. English settlers guaranteed same rights in New World as in England.
Captain John Smith
Took command of Jamestown and forced everyone to work for food. Helped save settlers lives
The situation in Jamestown:
[proprietary colony] The weather is bad; 60/100 men alive; they face diseas, malnutrition, starvation, and attacks from Indians
The Anglo-Powhatan War 1622
War between the Powhatan Tribe and the British. The Second one leads to the loss of the Powhatan tribe'slands

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