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Amendments to US Constitution


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1st Amendment
Freedoms of Speech, Religion(Free exercise/establishment clauses), Press, Petition, Assembly
2nd Amendment
Right to Bear Arms (idea of state militia)
3rd Amendment
No quartering of troops
4th Amendment
Search and Seizure procedures w/ warrant ( hints to rights of privacy without saying it)
5th Amendment
No one shall answer for a capital crime unless indicted by a Grand Jury No double jeopardy No one made to bear witness against himself ( no self incrimination) will not be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law( from national gov) just compensation for taking of property (eminent domain) due process clause
6th Amendment
rights in criminal court= speedy and public trial jury of peers informed of charges be allowed to confront witnesses against you (cross examination) call your own witnesses have a lawyer
7th Amendment
Right to a civil suit with a jury if amount is over $20
8th Amendment
No curel of unusual punishment No exessive bail
9th Amendment
There are unlisted rights
10th Amendment
Powers not given to the National Government, and also not forbidden to the states are left to the states or people to exercise
11th Amendment
A state can't sue another state
12th Amendment
President chooses their vice president electoral college voting
13th amendment
ends slavery and involuntary servitude congress can enforce this by law
14th amendment
defines who a citizen is says no state shall make or enforce laws which take away privileges or immunities of Us citizens(priviliges and immunities clause), states shall not deprive any PERSON of life, liberty, or property without due process of law(due process clause, enforced through incorporation doctrine to keep states from denying people bill of rights,) no denying of equal protection of the law (equal protection clause) no holding public office if guilty of rebellion
15th amendment
african american males have right to vote (suffrage)
these three called civil war amendments
13th, 14th, 15th
16th amendment
creates income tax
17th amendment
changed appointing of senatiors by state legislatures to a direct primary ote by citizens of the state ( to break down political machines)
18th amendment
19th amendment
women's suffrage
20th amendment
ended lame duck presidency term so term ends in january instead of march syas congres must meet at least once a year on jan. 3rd
21st amendment
repeals prohibition
22nd amendment
president can serve 2 terms as president up to 10 years if vp takes over halfway through president's term)
23rd amendment
washington D.C. gets 3 electoral college votes
24th amendment
ends poll taxes in order to vote
25th amendment
establishes succession line to the presidency (president, vp, soh,ppt, secretary of state)
26th amendment
establishes 18 as universal voting age in US
27th amendment
congress can pass a pay increase that goes into effect the next congressional session (you have to get re-elected to benefit from the raise)

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