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What is a world view?
Commitment to certain assumptions about reality which leads us to thinking and acting the way we do
Who has a world view?
everyone has a world view
What kind of world view does everyone have?
everyone has a tainted world view
What does your worldview determine?
what you think say and do
What do jainists believe?
because all living things have atmans, no living thing should be harmed
What do jainists eat?
fruit, beans, and lettuce and avoid eating chicken eggs and potatoes
Who was the first Buddha (enlightened one) and the founder of Buddhism
Siddhartha Guatama
Upon reaching enlightenment, the buddha understood 4 noble truths. What are they?
1. suffering permeates all of life 2. suffering is caused by desire 3. suffering ends by removing desire 4. desire is removed by following the 8 fold path
Where is buddhism prevalent?
Korea, Japan, SE Asia, and China
What order were the chinese dynasties in?
Shazhouqi Hansu Tangsong - Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui, Tang, Song
(Qin) Who ruled China as it\'s first emperor with brute force?
Shi huangdi
(Qin) What was his primary belief?
Man is evil and supreme law would make man good
(Han) Who ruled China by consecutively adopting infant kings?
Empress Lu
(Han) Who was the martial (warrior) emperor conquering many enemies?
(Han) Who overthrew the Han dynasty by taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor, only to be overthrown and assassinated by a combined force of the rich and poor alike?
Wang Mang
(Song) What did the paintings during this time period often emphasize?
(Song) What did they discover which gave them a surplus for trade?
fast-ripening rice
(Song) Why would the women back then bound their feet?
as a sign of class and a symbol of beauty
(Sui) What are some similarities that they had to the Qin?
1. United China after a long period of war 2. introduced strict and unpopular reforms 3. worked on the great wall of China
(Tang) Who married their step son to become the first true empress of China?
Empress Wu Zhao
(Tang) What acts did Tang leaders do such as the Han dynasty?
lowered taxes, took from rich and gave to poor
(Tang) What would Tang leaders make government officials do to ensure that they would be educated enough?
make them take the civil service exam
(Korea) What kind of aspects of Korean culture can be traced to Chinese influence?
Buddhism, Confucianism, and the civil service exam
(Korea) What things did they develop which made their culture distictively different?
their own language, pottery, art and poetry
(Korea) What was their language called?
(Korea) What was their pottery called?
(Korea) What are the two different split up sections of Korea today? What are their political standpoints?
North Korea - communist South Korea- democratic
(Byzantium) What is it?
The surviving eastern half of the Roman empire after the fall of Rome in 476 AD until 1453 AD
(Byzantium) What did the people in Byzantium call themselves?
(Byzantium) Why do scholars refer to them as the Byzantine empire?
The people did not control Rome and their culture transformed into something distinctly other than Roman
(Byzantium) What was Justinian's goal?
To reconquer the old western Roman empire
(Byzantium) Why did he fail in his attempt to conquer it?
Because of the bubonic plague which broke out, killing most of the population - the plague scarred both physically and mentally
(Byzantium) What famous and beautiful cathedral did he build?
Hagia Sophia
(Byzantium) What was the Justinian Code?
a collection of old Roman laws and new Byzantine laws
(Byzantium) Who was Justinian's wife?
Theodora, who was the most influential Byzantine woman who aided him with political decisions
(Byzantium) What did she advise him to do during the Nike riots?
Remain in Constantinople
(Islam) Which people did pre-islamic Arabia consist of?
polytheists, Jews, and Christians
(Islam) Who is Muhammad?
\"He recieved visions from Allah who revealed that Muhammad was God\'s final prophet to the world\"
(Islam) Where was Muhammad born?
(Islam) Why did Islam spread so quickly?
Muslims killed those who refused to convert and because the surrounding empires, especially the Byzantine empire, were very weak
(Islam) What kind of art and archetechural features does Islam feature?
calligraphy, mosques of worship, and the Taj Mahal
(Europe - Dark Ages) What were 4 themes of European history?
1. Entropy 2. Warfare 3. Blending of Barbarian laws, cultures, and families 4. Christianity
(Europe - Dark Ages) What were the effects of entropy?
a. Roman roads and walls fell apart b. latin declined into various languages c. Education was limited to monks and nuns
(Europe - Dark Ages) Who was the warfare between?
Europe vs. Muslim and Viking invaders
(Europe - Dark Ages) What were the happenings with Christianity?
1. The chrch was the main focus of the early middle ages 2. Missionaries converted many across the whole empire
(Europe - Dark Ages: The Church) Who designed a very strict form of monasticism?
St. Benedict
(Europe - Dark Ages: The Church) Who was a pope who strengthened the power of the church?
Gregory the Great
(Europe - Dark Ages: The Church) What were two powers the church did maintain?
Excommunication and Infallibility
(Europe - Dark Ages: The Church) What is excommunication?
excluding someone from the church, essentially condemning them to hell
(Europe - Dark Ages: The Church) What is infallibility?
The church and pope are preserved from errors in their teachings
(Europe - Dark Ages: The State) Who is the hero of Christianity who halted the Muslim conquest of of Europe in Tours, Spain?
Charles \"The Hammer\" Martel
(Europe - Dark Ages: The State) Who conquered much of Europe, established the economy, and attempted to bring education back to the masses? (He was the grandson of Martel)
(Europe - Dark Ages: The State) What was the Bloody Verdict of Verdun?
It executed thousands of pagan worshippers in hopes of strengthening Christianity
(Europe - Dark Ages: Vikings) What did the vikings do before they became raiders?
They were traders
(Europe - Dark Ages: Vikings) During what period did their attacks last?
793 - 1066 AD
(Europe - Dark Ages: Vikings) How did their ships successfully help them for a while?
They had quick ships which enabled them to quickly plunder rich monasteries and retreat before any army could respond
(Europe - Dark Ages: Vikings) Who was Alfred the Great?
He build fortresses against the Vikings\' raids
(Europe - Dark Ages: Vikings) What happened to the Vikings?
They converted to Christianity, became less violent and submitted to the governments above them
(Europe - Dark Ages: Vikings) Who led his heathen army into England and began Viking settlement of the British Isles?
Ivar the Boneless
(Europe - Dark Ages: Vikings) Who discovered North America?
Leif Erikson
(Europe - Dark Ages: Vikings) Who was Leif Erikson\'s son?
Erik the Red
(Hindu) What is the most real thing in existence?
(Hindu) What is Brahman?
big infinite, but impersonal spirit
(Hindu) What is the universe like around us?
hierarchy of existence (Maya=highest point of hierarchy)
(Hindu) What is a human being?
(Hindu) What is an atman?
part of Brahman
(Hindu) What happens to a person when they die?
depends on Karma - move up or down in their next life
(Hindu) How do they know what is right or wrong?
dharma - moral code for social classes
(Hindu) What is one\'s goal in life?
attain Moksha
(Islam wvq) What is the most real thing in existence?
(Islam wvq) Who is Allah?
\"one true god\" strict and impersonal
(Islam wvq) What is the universe like around us?
God created
(Islam wvq) What is a human being?
man is born good but is made evil by the world
(Islam wvq) What happens after death?
stand before allah - go to heaven or hell
(Islam wvq) How do they know what is right?
(Islam wvq) What is one\'s goal in life?
following muhammed\'s example - follow five pillars
(Crusades) When did the crusades begin?
(Crusades) Who attacked who - one of the causes
Muslims attacked Christian Byzantium
(Crusades) Who/what were the blood thirsty knights?
absence of viking invasions left 1000\'s of knights tormenting and robbing christians
(Crusades) What role did the popes play in the Crusades?
- he gave a rousing message which inspired thousands to drop everything and go fight the muslims
(Crusades) What was the pope\'s goal?
to reunite the byzantine east with the latin west - wanted to take the holy lands out of muslim\'s hands
(Crusades) Which crusade was the only sucessful one?
first crusade
(Crusades) Who captured the holy land and set up kingdoms?
catholic crusaders
(Crusades) When was the 3rd crusade and what makes it significant?
1189, the muslim leader, Saladin, recaptured Acre and Jerusalem
(crusades) Who fought Saladin?
Richard the lionhearted
(crusades) When and what was the children\'s crusade?
(1212) 20,000 children expecting the meditter. sea to part were killed or sold into slavery
(HMA) Who was William the Conqerer?
-won the battle of Hastings in 1066 -created a kingdom where he alone was the authority
(HMA) Who was Thomas Becket?
the archbishop of Canterbury
(HMA) How did Tomas Becket die?
killed because of a rash statement by his former friend, King Henery
(HMA) Who wrote the Canterbury Tales?
(HMA) What were the Canterbury Tales?
a fictional collection of tales told by travelers making a pilgrimage to Thomas Becket\'s tomb
(HMA) What happened during the 100 year war?
England fought against the French for their land
(HMA) What was the black death?
killed one third of Europe\'s population over a five year period

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