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Cultural Geography Final


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How much of China\'s land area is arable?
Only 11%
What percentage of China\'s workforce is engaged in agricultural production?
What is the dominate ethnic group in China?
The Han-Chinese. 92%
Official language of China?
What type of language is Chinese?
What are the two systems of translations of the Chinese language?
Wade-Giles and Pin-Yin
Significant Chinese contributions?
Silk. Paper. Gunpowder. Printing. Compass. Wheelbarrow.
Where did the Chinese stop the Muslim invasion?
The Talus River.
Who is responsible for bringing knowledge of paper from China to Europe?
Muslim P.O.W.s
What is the first known Chinese dynasty?
The Shang Dynasty. 1766 BC
Where was the Shang Dynasty located?
Along the banks of the Hwang He River (The Yellow River)
Who was the leader of the Qin Dynasty?
Shih Huang Ti
What was Shih Huang Ti\'s greatest accomplishment?
The Great Wall of China
What did Shih Huang Ti have buried with him?
The great Terra-Cotta Army
Which dynasty began building the Grand Canal?
The Sui Dynasty
What did the Chinese call China?
Zhong Guo
What does the Chinese phrase \"Zhong Guo\" stand for?
The Middle Kingdom
When did Europeans begin to show up in China?
The 1500\'s
Who were the first Europeans to arrive in China?
The Portuguese in 1514
Which European country had greatest impact on China?
Great Britain
When did the British arrive in China?
1635 A.D.
What was the most important British import into China?
What city was China forced to relinquish to the British following the Opium Wars?
Which European country took control of the Shangtung Peninsula?
Sun Yat-Sen formed which political party in China?
The Guomindang
Who was the creator of the Guomindang political party?
Sun Yat-Sen
What was the goal of the Guomindang political party?
To bring a democratic government to China
Who opposed the Guomindang in the Chinese Civil War?
The Communist Party
Who led the Guomindang in the Civil War?
Chiang Kai-Shek
Who led the Communist Party in the Chinese Civil War?
Mao Tse-Tung
Where do the Guomindang Nationalist flee to following the Civil War?
What was Mao\'s \"Cultural Revolution\"?
The \"Red Guards\" attempt permanent class warfare
When did China join the U.N.?
Who takes over China following Mao\'s death in 1976?
Deng Xiaoping
Because of Xiaoping, how can today\'s China be classified?
A mix of totalitarianism, socialism, and capitalism
When did the population of India reach 1 Billion?
When had the Indus Valley Civilization become developed?
By 2500 B.C.
Civilization began in India around when?
4500 B.C.
What was the language of ancient India?
Sanskrit is the parent tongue of what type of languages?
What are the two official languages of India?
Hindi and English
What is a \"Cultural Hearth\"?
A generating region of cultural origins
What is the oldest faith that originated in India?
How much older is Hinduism than Christianity?
About 2000 years older
What percentage of India follows Hinduism?
Around 80%, 800 Million Hindus in India
Who brought the basic concepts of Hinduism to India?
The Indo-Aryans
What are the oldest sacred texts of Hinduism?
The Vedas
How many Vedas are there?
What is the fundamental tenet of Hinduism?
Higher forms of reincarnation in Hinduism?
Cows and some types of Monkeys
What must one obtain to reach a higher reincarnation in Hinduism?
Good Karma
State of complete spiritual knowledge in Hinduism?
Who are the three main gods of Hinduism?
1) Brahma 2) Vishnu 3) Shiva
What is an \"Avatar\"?
A reincarnation of a Hindu god.
What is Brahma\'s role in Hinduism?
The Creator
What is Vishnu\'s role in Hinduism?
The Preserver
What is Shiva\'s role in Hinduism?
The Destroyer
Which god became the patron saint of a violent Hindu cult in 17th and 18th centuries?
Kali, the Goddess of Death
What was the name of violent, Kali worshiping Hindu cult?
What Hindu scripture did the Hindu caste system evolve from?
The Laws of Manu
What were the Laws of Manu?
Scripture which Hindu caste system evolved from
What are the four main castes in Hindu society?
1)Brahmins 2)Kshatriyas 3)Vaisyas 4)Sudras
In the Hindu caste system, who were the Brahmins?
Priests and Scholars
In the Hindu caste system, who were the Kshatriyas?
In the Hindu caste system, who were the Vaisyas?
In the Hindu caste system, who were the Sudras?
What is the lowest caste of the Hindu caste system?
The Harijans
Who were the Harijans?
The Untouchables
Historically, what percentage of Hindu society have belonged to the top three social classes?
Only 10%
Varna is the Sanskrit word for what? And what does it mean?
It is the word for caste, and means color.
The second major faith to arrive in India was?
What countries did Buddhism mainly diffuse to?
China, Tibet, Mongolia, and Japan
What percent of the people in India are Buddhist?
Only 1%
Buddhism was founded around when?
530 B.C.
What Hindu nobleman founded Buddhism?
Siddhartha Gautama
How many years did Siddhartha wonder northern India searching for spiritual truth?
6 Years
How long did Siddhartha meditate for before reaching Nirvana?
7 Weeks
What does \"The Buddha\" stand for?
\"The Enlightened One\" or \"The Awakened One\"
What Hindu noble founded Jainism?
What is strictly forbidden in Jainism?
The taking of the life of anything with a soul.
What social caste are Jainist very strong in?
The Merchant Class
How did a few Jainist protest the governments use of pesticides in the 1970s?
By lightening themselves on fire.
What percentage of India do the followers of Jainism account for?
Only 1-2%
When was Sikhism founded?
The 16th century
What is the youngest of India\'s indigenous faiths?
Who founded Sikhism?
Guru Nanak
What two religions does Sikhism blend?
Hinduism & Islam
How many Sikhs are there worldwide?
Approximately 14 million
Where are the majority of Sikhs located?
In the Punjab province of Western India.
What are the 5 elements of Sikhism?
1) A Sikh does not cut his hair or shave. 2)A Sikh always wears a comb 3)A Sikh always carries a dagger. 4)A Sikh always wears a bangle. 5)A Sikh always wears a certain type of underwear.
What is the name of the independent state that the Sikhs wish to establish in Punjab?
What is Khalistan?
The attempted independent Sikh state
Which Prime Minister of India was assassinated by her Sikh body guards in 1984?
Indira Gandhi
What is the oldest civilization in the Middle East, and the world?
The Sumerian civilization.
Where did the Sumerian Civilization emerge from?
What does Mesopatamia mean?
The Land Between Two Rivers
When did the Sumerian Civilization emerge?
5500 years ago
How long after the Sumerian Civilization did Ancient Egypt emerge?
400 Years Later
What did Herodotus call Ancient Egypt?
The Gift of the Nile
Where did the three great Monotheistic faiths emerge from?
The Arabian Peninsula
Who is the prophet of Islam?
Where & when was Mohammed born?
Mecca in 570 A.D.
Where & when did Mohammed die?
Medina in 632 A.D.
What are the three \"Holy Cities\" of Islam?
Mecca, Medina, & Jerusalem
Where did Muslims face while praying prior to Mohammed\'s death?
Where do Muslims believe Mohmammed ascended into Heaven from?
What is the Holy Scripture of Islam?
The Koran
What does \"Muslim\" mean?
One who submits
What are the Five Pillars of Islam?
1) Profession of Faith. 2)Daily Prayer 3)Giving of Alms 4)Ramadan 5)Haj
What is Ramadan?
Month long fast
When is Ramadan?
The 9th month of the Muslim Calendar
What is the Haj?
Pilgramige to Mecca
What are the two major sects of Islam?
Sunni & Shiite
What created various sects of the Muslim faith?
The events following the death of Mohammed
What is the \"Caliph\"?
The secular and religious leader of Islam
Who were the two leading candidates to be the first Caliph?
Abu-Bekr and Ali
Who do the Sunni accept to be the first Caliph?
Who do the Shiite believe to be the first Caliph?
Which Caliph do the Sunnis accept Ali as?
The fourth Caliph
What population of Muslims are Sunni?
What population of Muslims are Shiite?
What is the most significant Islamic country that has a majority population of Shiite Muslims?
What does \"Jihad\" mean?
Struggle or Holy War
When did the Muslim world make enormous advancements in science and art?
750-1200 A.D.; The Dark Ages
Most culturally advanced country in Europe during the Dark Ages was?
Muslim Spain
What was the most cosmopolitan city in Europe during the Dark Ages?
Cordoba in Muslim Spain
What did Muslim scholar, Ibn Sina accomplish?
Wrote a medical treatise that was used for 400 years.
What Muslim inventions made the \"Age of Discovery\" possible?
The Sextant and perfection of the compass
What notable achievement did Muslim mathematician, al-Khorezmi develop?
The notion of the algorithm
What was the first dynasty to lead China into a \"Golden Age\"?
The Qin Dynasty.

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