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AP Gov 13-14


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Definition of bureaucracy
Large, complex organization composed of appointed officials
Meaning of \"complex\"?
Power divided among officials
\"Leave alone\"
Two events that to huge bureau?
WW2 & Great Depresstion
How can bur. do things not spelled out by law?
Discretionary authority
Did away with the spoils system?
Hatch/Peneton Act
How many cabinets? Can heads be fired by pres?
Council of Economic Advisors
Office of Management and Budget
Congressional oversight on bureaucracy?
Hearings, appropriations
Bur. affects congress?
Media, appeal to congress
Iron triangle?
Interest groups, bureaucratic agencies, congressional committees
What do Bur. Agencies get?
Increased funding
What does congress get in I.T.?
Money and votes
What do congressmen get in I.T.?
$$ and votes
What percentage of bur. members get fired?
1/10 %
Why so difficult to fire a bureaucratic worker?
Defensive mechanisms
What banned bur. agencies from engaging in partisan politics?
Hatch Acts
Clinton/Gore attempt to reform bur.?
National Performance Review
Bureaucratic imperialism
tendency of the government agencies to grow without regard to public benefit
Red tape
Excessive government rules and regulartions
Uh... waste
Tendency of multiple agencies to e involved in the same administrative actions
Name of the right of judiciary to declare congress\'s laws void?
Judiciary review
Strict constructionist
judges should confine themselves to applying those that are clearly implied or stated in the language of the constitution
Judges should discover the general principles underlying the constitution, amplify them, and apply them
Court cases was not to rely on what judge believes but what the law requires
Judges don\'t find the law, they make it
Two lower courts:
Circuit court of appeals and district courts
Federal judges--can they be fired or penalized?
Most important court? How many?
District; 94
How many Circuit Court of Appeals are there?
All federal judges confirmed by
Who nominates them?
\"Senatorial courtesy\"
Senate won\'t confirm a judge if the senior senator from the judge\'s state doesn\'t approve
Presidents find candidates with the same ___ and __ views.
Political and judicial
What is a litmus test?
Test of ideological purity
What steps does the Senate so in the confirmation process?
Judiciary com. hearing & full floor debate/vote
Dual court system means...
Federal & State court system
District Court jurisdiction?
Fed crime, Civil suits under fed law, maritime issues, bankruptcy, fed. admin. agencies
Supreme Court jurisdiction?
Conflict b/w states, conflict b/w US and state, cases involving foreign amb. or diplomats, state & citizen in another state
What is civil law?
Body of rules defining relationships among private citizens
Where do most federal court cases begin?
Writ of what?
How many justices must agree to hear a case?
When will S. Court grant writ of Certiorari?
2 or more circuit courts have different rulings or state supreme courts find laws in violation of the constitution
What percent of cases does Su. court hear?
S. Court increased workload or decreased?
Define standing
The right to sue 1. Real controversy 2. Proof you\'ve been harmed 3. Being a taxpayer is not enough
Class action lawsuit
Case brought into court by a person on behalf of all others in a similar circumstance
What is a brief?
A document setting forth the facts of the case
How long can lawyers argue in Supreme Court?
30 minutes
Fed government\'s lawyer?
Solicitor general
Amicus curiae
\"Friend of the court\"--from an interested party not directly involved in the suit
Speaks last, votes first?
Junior member
Opinion of the court
Concurring Opinion
Agrees with decision for different reasons
Dissenting Opinion
losing side
What is a remedy?
Judicial order setting forth what must be done to correct a situation believed to be wrong
Criticism for judges who impose wide sweeping remedies?
Not experts Not elected
Congressional checks on judiciary?
Confirmation process and impeachment
Marbury vs. Madison
Judicial Review N/A
McCullogh v, Maryland
Extending power of fed government No?
Baker vs. Carr
Banned malapportionment Depends
Brown vs. Board of Eduction
Segregation No
Engel vs. Vitale
Banned school prayer No
Gideon vs. Wainwright
Right to attorney in state case Mmmmm... depends
Gitlow vs. NY
Rights in the states Ignored
Griswold vs. CT
Right to privacy Yes
Hearts of Atlanta Motel vs. US
Segregation in private facilities Interstate commerce Depends
Korematsu vs. US
Treatment of Japanese Americans in WW2 Yes
Mapp vs. Ohio
Exclusionary rule (evidence got illegally didn\'t count) No
Lemon vs. Kurzman
Religion and secular government Yes
Miller vs. California
Miranda vs. Arizona
Rights of the accused NO
Regent of the University of California vs. Bakke
Reverse discrimination Split
Roe vs. Wade
Abortion No
Texas v. Johnson
Flag-burning NO
US vs. Nixon
Executive privilege Yes
Webster vs. Reproductive Health Services
Public funding for abortions Yes
Gratz v. Bollinger
Affirmative action/discrimination Kinda (not)
Kelo vs. New London, CT
Eminent domain NO
Roper vs. Simmons
Executing juveniles NO
Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education
Busing/Af. action No

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