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Mormon\'s Counsel
*Know ye that ye are of the House of Israel *Repent *Lay down weapons of war *Don\'t delight in shedding of blood *Come to a knowledge of your Fathers *Know that Christ\'s resurrection eliminates the sting of death Know the covenants Gain knowledge that ancients had about God. Understand that Christ is Jehovah *Christ has redeemed the world from the FAll and as a result we can live with God forever
List Mormon’s three great lessons concerning the relationship between God and men.
A. The Lord is merciful to those who sincerely call on his name. B. The gate to Heaven is open to all who believe in Him. C. The word of God has three effects.
What is a secret combination?
It is a combination whose objectives and activities are covert, clandestine, illegal, hidden, occult, dishonest, immoral, concealed or veiled.
Define the term ‘sanctification.’
It is a process whereby we become pure, whole, and eventually free from sin. The Holy Ghost is a major catalyst. He becomes a purifier or sanctifier
List 3 ways Helaman tells us as to how we can accelerate the sanctification process.
A. Pray and fast often B. Wax strong in humility C. Increase faith in Christ D. Yield our hearts to God
List 3 of the reasons that Samuel set forth as to why he was sent to prophesy.
A. Wicked would know of judgments to come. B. Know of conditions of repentance. C. Testify of divine sonship of Christ. D. People would know of the signs of his birth and death.
What is Christ really proclaiming when he says that he is the God of Abraham,Isaac, and Jacob?
That he is Jehovah, the God of the Old Testament.
7. List 4 of the signs of Christ’s birth that Samuel mentioned.
A. Christ to be born in 5 years. B. No darkness for 2 days. C. A new star to arise. D. Many signs and wonders in heaven. E. People to fall to the Earth.
List 4 of the signs of Christ’s death mentioned by Samuel.
A. Sun to be darkened, moon and stars not to give light for 3 days. B. Thundering and lightning for many hours. C. Earth to shake and tremble and be broken up. D. Tempests, mountains to be laid low, valleys raised. E. Highways to be broken up; cities to become desolate.
What wicked standard did the Nephites adopt in order to be able to reject Samuel’s prophecies?
It’s not reasonable.
What are the 2 great objectives of a secret combination?
A.Power B.Gain
List 4 of the characteristics of society just prior to the Lord’s appearance to the Nephites.
A.Government destroyed B.Great iniquity C.Church broken up D.Killed prophets E.Society was distinguished by classes and ranks F.An anti Christ had been appointed the leader
List the 5 elements of the Pride Cycle.
A. Prosperity B. Pride C. Wickedness D. Judgments of God E. Repentance
List 3 of the Lord’s stated reasons for the destruction that accompanied his visit to the Nephites?
A.People failed to repent of their iniquity and abominations. B. Wicked have spilled the blood of the prophets and saints. C. Wicked destroyed because of their secret murders and secret combinations that deprived people of peace and lawful government. D. Wicked rejected and cast out the prophets whom the Lord had sent to call people to repentance. E. Wicked persecuted righteous in their midst and cast them out.
What 2 things did Jesus say had replaced sacrifices and burnt offerings?
A. Broken heart B. Contrite spirit
What must the House of Israel do in order to be gathered?
Repent and come into covenant of church
What 3 witnesses of Christ were offered in 3 Nephi 11 at his appearance to Nephites?
A.Voice of Father B.Christ’s testimony C.Testimony of people who witnessed and handled his wounds

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