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D&O Midterm


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What are three ways that stereotyping furthers oppression in women?

1.  Rigid female stereotypes lead to rigid female roles

2.  When women are viewed as a global stereotype, itis impossible to attend to and recognize an individual woman's needs.

3.  When we believe the stereotype about ou

____ is often loosely used to describe any structure or system in which men traditionally have more power or access to power than women
The"embedding of historically constituted cultural practices in that which is taken for granted and seems 'normal' and natural" is called ____
According to Erikson, identity formation occurs for the most part on?
The unconscious level, with a conscious element working simultaneously
What are Marcia's four identity statutes that reflect how a late adolescent might deal with identity development?
Identity achievement, foreclosures, identity diffusion, and moratoriums
In U.S. culture, what shapes our attitudes, behaviors, experiences, and our beliefs about others and ourselves?
What does stigma cause?
Internalized oppression
What are the 5 domains/levels in the ecological model of practice?

Historical; environmental-structural; cultural; family; individual

Which two factors of the PIE System are unique to social work?

Factor I Social Role Problem Identification

Factor II Environment 

How is culture maintained and transmitted?
Through language
What are mores?
The strongest social norm.  They comprise the basic moral judgments of society.  they are also standards of behavior that arouse intense feelings and, when violated, carry extreme consequences.
Name the 4 myths commonly related to social class in the US
1.  We are a classless society.  2.  We are a middle-class nation. 3.  We are all getting richer.  4.  Everyone has an equal chance to succeed.
What is cultural relativism?
The recognition that each culture is unique to its context and that we cannot use the norms and values of one culture as a standard to judge another culture.  Cultural relativism can help us to overcome our ethnocentrism.
Explain how negative stereotypes are similiar to stigma
Negative stereotypes are similiar to stigma in that both refer to negative generlizations of 
The moral principle which suggests that women should stay at home while men go to 
work promotes the view of women as the weaker sex and subordinate to men. This ethic
is often called the ________________________________.

Cult of domesticity or

cult of true womanhood 

The ______, or child exclusion act, denied AFDC to children born while their mothers 
are receiving aid and to unmarried teen mothers and their children.
Family cap
When married women work, her wages are usually considered ______to the family 
Only ______ of unemployed persons actually get unemployment benefits, either 
because they don't qualify or because they exhaust their benefits after 6 months
One third
T or F  Minorities represent 30 % of the total U.S population.
_________ as culture refers to the cultural characteristics of a group, such as typical 
norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors, which are specific to a common culture and are
transmitted across generations.
_________ is a system of beliefs, values, and customs that forms the basis for group 
members' shared perception of social reality.
What processes occur in each stage of Phinney’s three-stage model of ethnic identity?
First stage-(unexamined ethnic identity) Individuals show a lack of interest in
issues of ethnicity, adopt a premature preference for the dominant
culture, or remain tied to ethnic attitud
T   or   F  Young, heterosexual males are at higher risk of suicide than
young, gay or bisexual males.
_____________ refers to the idea that stigmas negatively affect not only those who are stigmatized, but those associated with the person as well.
courtesy stigma
What is maintenance of Ethnic Identification and Solidarity?
A family socializes its members into ethnic culture through family lifestyles and 
activities. The family gathering and community celebrations of culture holidays
perpetuate ethnic awareness.
Define the term Racism.
The belief that objective or alleged differences between racial groups are 
justification for asserting the superiority of one racial group over another.
Compared on White students, what percentage of African-American students drop out 
of college after less than one year?
How do the authors of the article "There but for the Grace of God:  Two Black Women 
Therapists Explore Privilege" define the term "privilege'?
A place of standing within the social order that allows for a relative sense of 
power and influence seldom experienced by those with differential positioning.
___________and _____________ continue to cause great difficulities for African 
Americans to enter and remain in the economic mainstream.
Racism and oppression
What theroy emphases that a dispersion of of power exists in government and other 
social structures within the U.S. society?
What are 2 major charcateristics among African Americans?

Maintenance of ethnic identification and solidarity

Extended family and kinship network 

In the article what is the embedding of historically constituted culture practices in which is 
taken for granted and seems "normal" ?
___ is the inability to exert influence.
___ is the subordination of an individual woman or group of women and the assumption of the superiority of an individual man or group of men based solely on sex.

T or F

The history of the mental health movement has equally researched
aspects from male and female perspectives.



True or False


Historically women have been stereotyped as childlike and dependent.


True or False 
Some black feminist theorists understand race, class,and gender as
simultaneous forces, and the oppression suffered from them as

True or False:

In the article "The Wealth Divide", states that the top one percent
of Americans hace the majority of net worth.


According to the PIE system, there are four factors that SW use to draw information 
about clients. What are they?
Factor I- Social Functioning
Factor II- Environment Problems
FActor III- Mental Health Problems (labels taken from dsm-IV)
Factor IV- Physical Health Problems
What is the difference between norms and values?
Norms are the shared expectations and rules, both spoken and unspoken, that guide 
behavior in life situations. Values are abstract and general notions about the qualities
that members of a society consider good, right, or desirable. All
Define a subculture and give an example.
A subculture is a culture within a culture, these usually are smaller groups of people that 
have thier own sets of values, beliefs, and norms.
Some examples given in the book are: Blacks, Latinos, the working class, and residents
Discuss the ecological model of practice and its five levels.
The ecological model of practice looks at the transactions between the individual and the 
environment in five domains or levels: 1. Historical 2. Environmental-structural 3.
Cultural 4. Family and 5. Individual.
What are three models of ethnic identity?
Social-cognitive, three stage, and crisis resolution

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