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French Revolution, Absolutism, Napolean Bonaparte


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having absolute power
balance of power
several nations combined their power to equal the power of another
battle of trafalgar
battle of waterloo
june 15, 1815
middle class with wealth but no political power
burial place
les invalides en Paris
consulate established by napolean
country that napolean was never able to conquer
declaration of the rights of man
august 27, 1789
directory established and ended
divine right of kings
God placed them in this position and they don't have to answer to anyone but God
nobility that fled france
first consul became permanent and hereditary
france's most famous absolute monarch
louis XIV
group called to versailles in may of 1789
estates general
group that pledged the tennis court oath
national assembly
henry IV's chief minister
duke of sully
henry IV's name before he became king
henry of navarre
invasion of russia
june of 1812
island on which napolean was born
island to which finally exiled
st. helena
island to which napolean was finally exiled
les invalides in pairs
island where he was exiled in 1812
king after napolean abdicated-both times
louis XIII
l'etat c'est moi
i am the state---(france)
louis XIV's financial advisor
Jean Baptiste Colbert
louis XIV's military advisor
francois louvois
louis XVI was charged and found guilty of
name of the group created when the third estate withdrew from the estates general
national assembly
napolean crowned emperor
napolean used the declaration of the rights of man
everyone paid taxes, put money toward public works and wars, high school and university education for everyone
napolean's coup d'etat
napolean's domestic policies
allowed a plebiscite, napoleanic code, declaration of the rights of man
napolean's foreign policies
to defeat great britain and increase the boundaries of france
napolean's residence
nation in which waterloo is located?
old regime
period in france before 1789, outdated and unrealistic with seriosu social, political, and economic problems
a yes or no vote
provisional government
temporary government, in paros (louis XVI was in versailles)support of about 97% of the population
provisions of of the edict of nantes
freedom of religion, freedom to hold public office, allowed them to fortify themselves
reasons for the decline of france during the reign of louis XIV
spending too much money, revocation of the edict of nantes, too many wars
reasons why nations napolean conquered stopped liking him
quartering of soldiers, fighting in his wars, paying high taxes
one who acts as king until the true king comes of age
scorched earth policy
army retreats abd burns everything behind it
storming of the bastille
july 14, 1789
territory sold to america to help finance napolean's wars
louisiana purchase
three branches of government created by the constitution of 1791
legislative,executive, judicial
three causes for the french revolution
bourgeoisie unrest, social structure, financial difficulties
treaty concluding the war of spanish succession
treaty of urecht
two chief ministers of louis XIII
cardinal bichelieu and cardinal marazin
two european nations that had absolute monarchs
prussia and russia
two major political groups in the legislative assembly
moderate revolutionaries and radical revolutionaries
two wives of napolean
josephione beauharnais and marie-loivire of austria
tyrannical leader of the reign of terror
where napolean went to fight great britain in 1789
meditarranean sea into the red sea to block trade routes
wife of louis XVI
marie antoinette
year age of absolutism began
year edict of nantes passed
year edict of nantes revoked
year of the first french constitution
years of national convention
years of the war of spanish succession

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