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Middle East Test


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islamic republic, not under taliban, women have few rights, a new constitution was established in 2004
al qaeda
international terrorist organization
hatred of jews
armenian genocide
us has contemplated passing legislation that recognized the armenian genocide, turkey is not supportive of the recognization
at the time of muhammad's death
islam had expanded across the middle east
ayatollah khomeini
created a muslim state
children in the middle east
faced with sexual abuse, propaganda, censorship, and lack of technology
civil war in lebanon
happened because of a power struggle between christian and muslims. us, israel, syria, and iran became involved
cold war
conflict between us and soviet union
countries with poor economies
iraq, lebanon, syria
sea water convertion
in uae currently has an aggressive real estate market
gaza strip
where most of the suicide bombers are from
palestinian islamic militant organization
international atomic energy agency
palestinian uprising
iran/iraq war fought because of
strategic waterway, oil, religion
israel's independence/declaration of statehood

not recognized by world

israel's perspective v. palestinian
israel says the conflict is occurring because the arabs are refusing to recognize israel's right to exist and the palestinian perspective says the conflict is occurring because the european jews who immigrated to palestine have taken over the land
nuclear capability
iran is said to be 2+ years away from having
cartel controlling most, but NOT all, of the oil supply in the world
opinions of suicide bombers
some believe they volunteer and some believe they are drafted
osama bin laden
very wealthy owner of a massive construction business
ottoman empire
lasted nearly 5 centuries and conquered southeastern europe, north africa, and the middle east
supported by osama bin laden, union of arab states
persian gulf war
led primarily by the us in order to liberate kuwait 
organization for palestinian state
police state
government controls all aspects of life, including the media. ex. iran.
message to influence
act of covering women's bodies
purdah promotes
the judgment of women based on personality than beauty
saddam hussein
leader of iraq for over 20 years, convicted of massacre 140+ citizens, hanged december 6 in iraq, not captured by united nations
shah of iran
removed from power
islamic law
suicide bombers
believe they will achieve martyrdom if they die for their religion
sunni muslim group ruled afghanistan
government ruled by religion
believed by many extreme muslims to undermine islam and therefore promote fundamentalism and gaining political power
women, sports, middle east
all women in the middle east need approval from a male to play a sport
world war three
threatened by bush administration to happen if iran doesn't agree to nuclear compliance
young turks
followed a policy of genocide that killed hundreds of thousands of armenians, distrusted armenian christians who had ties with russia
movement for jewish state

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