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4th amendment
seaches a seizures
5th amendment
Grand Juries, Self-Incrimination, Double Jeopardy, Due Process and Eminent Domain
6th amendment
criminal court procedures
content neutral laws:
where the government regulates speech but they are not regulating the content
Example of the lemon test:
If the US has a law that is neutral, having nothing to do with religion, for example Santa Ria, where animals are sacrificed for religious purposes, the Supreme Court can say that they cannot practice animal sacrifices because it has interfered with city
Freedom of Speech:
All speech is constitutionally protected with the exception of pornography and fight words.
gag orders:
They are unconstitutional bc they inhibit speech. If a judge tells the jury that they cant talk about the case outside of the courtroom, it is constitutional.
Lemon test:
Cant inhibit religion Law must have a secular purpose It must not produce excessive entanglement in religion
Obscenity test (Miller test):
The material taken as a whole has to appeal to a prurient [basic emotion] sexual interest Illicit a sexual response from you Uses a community standard The material taken as a whole has to depict sexual conduct in an offensive way Whats offensive to
Texas vs. Johnson
the flag burning case where Johnson said that he was merely exercising his freedom of speech

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