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Chapter 20- nation states and empiers in Europe


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the three goals of this congress were to have compensation for the victors, restoration of the balance of power, and legitmacy.
Congress of Vienna
restoring the goverment before the reign of Napoleon and the French Revolution.
The name that the Congress of Vienna gave to the German states. Napoleon called it the Confederation of the Rhine.
German Confederation
When Czar Alexander had everyone sign this saying that they would rule as Christain Princes. Great Britain, the Papal, and the Ottoman Empire would not join.
Holy Alliance
The agreemeant to meet reguarly to maintain peace. Britain , Austria, Russia, and Prussia.
Quardruple Alliance
The chancellor of Germany. He did many good things for Germany.
Otto von Bismarck
Czar of Russia, most unpredictable at the Congress of Vienna.
Czar Alexander I
this system was to spread revolutionary and Enlightened ideas while maintaing peace in Europe.
Concert of Europe
These revolutions showed how different Eastern and Western Europe were. This occurred because of the growing power of the middle class and monarchies were able to put down liberals.
Revolutions of 1848
people who believed that individual interests must give way to the interests of society.
"Resurgence." Italian nationalistic movement in the early 1800's.
Secret Italian nationalist society launched in 1831 by writer Giuseppe. Mostly high school and college students.
Young Italy movement
German customs union set up in 1818 that inspired businnesspeople to support German unification.
Aristocratic landowners of Prussia that complained that tariffs increased prices of farm goods so much that they hurt sales.
Political philosophy that emphasizes the importance of individual liberty and the government should ensure equal treatment to all.
liberalism / liberals
realistic politics, Bismarck pursued policies based on Prussian interests not liberalism
German emperor
chief administrative officer to the kaiser in Germany.
Ottoman Empire
"the sick man of Europe"
The government of Austria -Hungary established in 1867 after Austria's defeat in the Seven Weeks War.
Dual Monarchy
A very bloody war, the British sent a suicide charge, first war that was photographed, and Florence Nightengale went right out of the battle field to help soliders.
The Crimean war
Bismarck held this meeting to discuss what to do about Constantinople. But the real reason was to overtrun Russian gains from the Ottoman empire.
Congress of Berlin
Government of Napoleon III in France; 1848. It had a new liberal constitution guaranteeing universal manhood suffrage.
Second French Republic
French government established by the French Assembly following the overthrow of Napoleon III.
Third French Republic
French government proclaimed by Parisians as they continued to fight against the Prussians in January of 1871.
Anti-Catholic movement in Germany.
The place that Dreyfus was sent. In South America.
Devil's Island
The man who was charged with helping the German Army, but there was no real evidence.
Alfred Dreyfus
He pushed for industry, starts private schools, and wants to be just like his uncle in France.
Louis Napoleon/ Napoleon III
The man who launched the Young Italy movement. Is the heart of this movement.
Is the brains of the Young Italy movement. Prime minister of Sardinia.
Is the sword of the Young Italy movement.
Land that Garibaldi captured and gave to the King of Sardinia to help unify Italy.
Kingdom of the two Sicilies
The nurse who was sent out onto the battle field, during the Crimean War, to save soliders.
Florence Nightingale
Representative of France, he served for everyone (nine lives)
kaiser of Germany
William I
King of Prussia, tended to side with Alexander, and was greatful to for Russian help against Napoleon.
Frederick William
The King of Sardinia who was given the kingdom of the two Siciles.
King Victor Emmanuel II
British Prime minister of secret agreements who attended the Congress of Berlin.
Benjamin Disraeli
Kaiser who dismissed Bismarck to make reforms.
William II
Land given to British to balance out the Russians in Bulgaria.
Opposed the ideas of the French Revolution and mostly agreed with him at the Congress of Vienna.
People who were loyal to their country and wanted change.
National Liberals
A war between Farnce and Prussia(Bismack) to get Germany to unify.
Franco-Prussian War
Who would get the land of the Ottoman Empire?
The Eastern Question
People who were opposed to Jews.
Party formed because of socialists who protested harsh factory conditions.
Social Democratic Party
Given the throne of Austria.
Francis Joseph I
Land regiven to the Russians but i much smaller and less important.
The war that drove Austria out of the German Confederation in a very short time.
Seven Weeks War
Land owned by Austria that Sardinia wanted to help unify Italy.
Upper house of the German government.
Lower house of the German government.
The idea that the German people should bind through a deep love of their language, traditions and fatherland.
Volkish Thought
The case where a man was charged for spying for Germany. But there was no evidence that he actually did anything. He was Jewish.
Dreyfus Affair
Former Austrian territory given to the Netherlands.
Italian provinces given to Austria. Became the most dominant power in Italy.
Lombardy, Illyria, Tirol,and Venetia
Land (that belonged to the German states) given to Prussia, instead of Russia, during the Congress of Vienna.
The land controlled by the pope that does not want to become a part of Italy at first.
Papal States
The island off of Italy that will help to unify and create an Italy.
After Austria withdrew from Lombardy, rioting began in Milan. These revolts led to rulers granting constitutions. One was in this country?
A German state annexed by Prussia.
Austria- Hungary Empire's main cultural center. Main great paintings, music, stories, etc. came from here and spread through the world.
The place where most of the action of the Crimean War took place, a penisula on the north shores of the Black Sea.
The king was Frederick William III, during the Congress of Vienna they were grateful for Russian help against Napoleon. They joined the Quadruple Alliance. And they wanted to unify Germany.
Left Metternich to make descions during the Congress of Vienna. They had to give up land to stop Russia. They also joined the Quadruple Alliance. And they formed a secret alliance with the Britain and France incase Russia and Prussia acted agressively.
After the turks were defeated a treaty granted independence to three countries to form a large Bulgarian state under Russian rule.
Montenegro, Romania , and Serbia
The Austrian Royal family that marries there family to other countires so they can get control land.
Habsburg Empire

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